Junction Instead of Duba

Put the dubas instead of the intersection has been standing for a year.
Tokat-Amasya highway between the two ways to close the only lane of the road made the interesting intersection, the news published in the media after the collapse of the dubalarının standing in place, surprised those who see.
As part of the road works carried out by the Regional Directorate of Highways, there was an intersection on 39 January 1 in front of Çaylı Town entrance in Tokat-Amasya Highway 2012. The roundabout, which was made larger than normal, caused an image to invade possible accidents while closing half of both sides of the divided road. After the publication of the news, the intersection was demolished and dubas were replaced.
Despite the 1 year passed, the dubbed, replaced by the collapsed junction, remained in place. Together with the bosons last year, the driver drew attention to the fact that traffic warning signs were placed on both sides of the road behind the 100 meter in order not to hit the intersection. Drivers, the collapsed junction put the dubas are dangerous, he called the authorities said. CHP Provincial Chairman Duran Kum, made a press release at the crossroads dubalarla.
Suggesting that the intersection was made by Highways, Kum of the CHP said:
“You see the state of the junction turning into the 'snake story'. All our people know that this intersection is a traffic terror. This should be called 'Stop' by the General Directorate of Highways. This is the road junction of our town. We wish to have the proper intersection. If this is not the intersection, we believe this place should be closed. ”
The Regional Directorate of Highways claimed that they did not make the intersection themselves, but that they were the Mayor of Çaylı Municipality to provide access to the town. Çaylı Municipality stated that the subcontractor company that made the road on behalf of Highways intersects.

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