IETT date from phaeton to Marmaras

IETT date from phaeton to Marmaras
On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the establishment of IETT, the book titled "Transportation from Phaetons to Marmaray in Istanbul" was published.

İbrahim Ethem Gören / World Bulletin - Cultural Service

In the incident that took place in Izmir Bay on March 1, 1958, Üsküdar Ferry picked up too many passengers and sank due to the storm.

“Transportation from Carriages to Marmaray in Istanbul” is a prestige work that sheds light on the history of IETT… The book, published on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the establishment of IETT, is a study that prevents the setting of the mosque on Istanbul and transportation as the old people say.

IETT, the heir of the Dersaadet Tramway Company founded in 1871, also known as Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Operations, has reached today by passing through many different stops in its journey that started with horse-drawn trams. The aforementioned book presents the 140-year journey of IETT to the readers' knowledge with 140 important events…

The book, designed and written by Boğaziçi University student, researcher-writer Salih Sezen, was prepared by a very large team of 32 people. Head of the History Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. The work, which Ali Arslan undertook consultancy, found the opportunity to be published after a 15-month preparation period.

The work, which has a simple and understandable content, has made a very complex area such as the history of transportation easily readable. In order to ensure this simplicity, rather than dealing with issues such as internal developments, bus purchases, line changes, management decisions that directly affect IETT; The events that affect the project are also mentioned. As a result, a distinguished study has been formed in the field of Istanbul urban transportation, which contains examples from all land, air, sea and rail transportation within its scope.

In the work prepared on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of IETT, the events of a period of nearly 200 years are essentially told. The reason for this situation was stated as very important changes in Istanbul transportation before IETT was established and these changes were effective in the establishment of IETT.

What's going on between the 140 event, let's explain a few examples.


The title of the first event described in the book is "Istanbul Meets Traffic". The subject of the use of phaetons, which was only reserved for the Sultan, in 1825, was offered to the use of palace women and government officials. The women of the palace and state officials were followed by the wealthy personalities of the period. Hundreds of phaetons have been brought from abroad for private use. Later, phaeton minibuses for public use emerged. This has taken its place in the history pages as the first systematic application of urban public transportation.

Another incident that is the subject of the book is a disaster that can be counted by the fingers of those who remember it, and the "Üsküdar Disaster", which is the biggest accident in Turkish sea transportation after the Ertuğrul Frigate accident, is told. In the incident that took place in Izmir Bay on March 1, 1958, it was told that the vehicle named Üsküdar Ferry received more passengers and sank due to the effect of the storm. The accident caused 431 people to die by drowning. Also, the effects of this event on Istanbul Transportation History have been analyzed in detail. Regulating passenger capacities, imposing an age limit on ferries and bringing a license check to ferry captains were among the regulations that were decided after this event.


The Beginning of the Discounted Ticket Application, the Second Metro of the World, TÜNEL, Istanbul Expropriation Studies in the Democratic Party Period, the first domestic production Trolleybus "TOSUN", the Gasoline Period with the Carrier, the Metrobus on the Roads, the prominent parts of the book ... According to what we have mentioned, many events related to Istanbul and the history of transportation are explained in chronological order and after each mentioned event, the effect of this event on Istanbul transportation is mentioned.

At the beginning of the book, the words of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş mentioning the importance of IETT for Istanbul, IETT General Manager Dr. Hayri Baraçlı's article is a summary of 140 years of history. Later, Prof. Dr. Ali Arslan's introduction and the book's preface, where Salih Sezen, the book's lead author, describes what happened during the preparation process of the book and makes evaluations on the methodology of history.

It is a nice piece of information that remains in my memory from the years of pregnancy. Our teacher in the Koran Course is obligatory to have three things in a book; He would say that it was permissible to have four things… Basmalah, praise and salvele were the wajib parts of the issue… The permissible ones were the name of the book, the science book, the ta'dât-ı fusûl and the 'tahyîn-i garaz' ... These were of course forgotten ...

Unfortunately, even besmele is not included in the books of the present time, let alone hamdele and salvele! Brother Salih, if you start your next book with besmala, I will kiss you on the forehead ...

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