Trains stopped against privatization

Trains stopped against privatization
BTS, Turkish Transportation You and Transport-Business, leaving the work against the privatization of railways, asked for the withdrawal of the bill.

United Transport Union (BTS), Turkish Transport-Sen (TUS) and Transport-Business members after the work of the joint action in front of the Ankara Station.


BTS Chairman Yavuz Demirkol, who made a statement in front of the station, stated that if the bill was enacted, the railways would be in full possession of capital. Emphasizing that everyone knows that privatization is called liberalization, Demirkol said that it does not benefit the public nor the railway workers. Demirkol, railway workers will be reduced, flexible and unregulated working life will be and the rapid increase in subcontracting, he added. Demirkol, the bill not only to the employees, but also the load carrier and passengers will damage, stressed that they will pay more than normal.

Demirkol, who stated that the 8 BTS member who used the right to strike in the western provinces was prevented and was deported to other provinces, reminded that the right to strike was secured in international conventions. . We have used this right before and will continue to use it, Dem said Demirkol.


Turkish Transportation Chairman Nazmi Guzel stated that they are in the areas to protect their institutions, and that the passengers who travel from Ankara to Istanbul could travel to 45 in the same way as THY. Güzel said, ”Railways are the easiest and cheapest means of transport for people with low income.“ This bill with the opening of the front of workers killings also warned that the beautiful, underlined that this is the responsibility to the public.

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