Uzbekistan Railway Line is planned to be completed in 2016

Uzbekistan Railway Line is planned to be completed in 2016
Uzbekistan will build a railway line connecting the Fergana valley in the east of the country directly to other regions.
The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, in his speech at the meeting of the Andijan province, stated that the railway connection with the other regions of the country, Fergana valley where the Andican, Fergana and Namangan provinces were not developed too much.

Stressing that the Fergana valley, where approximately 10 million people live, do not have the right to ignore the lack of railway connection with other regions, Kerimov announced that the government has long been on the 125-kilometer "Angren-Pap" railway construction project that will connect the Fergana valley with other regions of the country and pass through the high mountain pass. .

Kerimov said the project would have a single national railway network to connect all regions of the country if the project is implemented.

Expressing that the Fergana valley railway project is of strategic importance, Kerimov said that the project will be completed in 2014-2015 and completed in 2016 and that they can go directly to the Fergana valley by rail.

According to the data of Uzbekistan State Railways, the total cost of the project in question is 1,9 billion dollars. The project is planned to be implemented with the credits of the Uzbekistan Railways Administration as well as the international finance institutions.

The "Angren-Pap" railway, with a total length of 125 kilometers, will connect the Fergana valley to other regions with 2 tunnels to be built in the "Kamçık" high mountain pass. With the realization of the project in question, there will be no need to use the territory of Tajikistan for railway transportation between these regions of Uzbekistan.

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