Minister Eker Audited Diyarbakir Ring Road

Mehdi Eker, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, inspected the Diyarbakır ring road, which is under construction, sohbet He.

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehdi Eker, along with Diyarbakır Governor Mustafa Toprak, and Cemal Çelik, Deputy Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, examined the Diyarbakır ring road, which is under construction. Eker, made beltway Diyarbakir center made interchanges of stating that the cost of 450 million pounds, "Turkey's eyes with the solution process has returned to the region, there is great interest in private sector investment. In addition, public investments continue. Diyarbakır ring road, 29 kilometers long Şanlıurfa-Batman connection road is being constructed. The single lane will be completed at the end of the year. This road will cost 150 million lira together with the connection junctions. 3 of the intersections in the city have been put into service, and 5 intersections will be put into service within two months. Infrastructure works of the other intersection are continuing. The expenditure for these roads and intersections will reach 450 million lira. Our airport terminal building will be completed by the end of 2014. Production facilities are being built in the Diyarbakır Organized Fattening Region. "Irrigation channels will be completed at the end of the year."

Minister Eker stated that the interest in Diyarbakır is increasing day by day and that Diyarbakır's culturally shadowed issues are now on the agenda and said, “This spring is the time to see the beauties and historical treasures of Diyarbakır. The ground is green and the sky is blue. "There is a full spring, both citizens and businessmen on the street have nice weather," he said.
Eker, with the villagers who came to him during his investigations, sohbet did. Upon the request of the villagers to give them treasury land instead of expropriating the lands on which the road will pass, Minister Eker gave instructions to the Deputy Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Çelik, who is responsible for land consolidation works, to evaluate the request.

After the citizens stated that they have imposed obstacles to delay the construction of the road, Governor Toprak said, “Do not make any attempt to prevent the construction of the road. This road will definitely pass from here. "I will come as soon as possible and explain the situation to the citizens, but this road will pass from here," he said. - UAV

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