Buses produced by Otokar

Buses produced by Otokar
Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç, under the agreement made with the General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT), will sell 750 buses, 5 said they would take care of the vehicles throughout the year.

Görgüç, AA correspondent, said the 12 metering bus began to serve in Istanbul roads.

Drawing attention to the fact that the same model is sold in Europe, Görgüç said, “In all 3 tenders opened by the Istanbul Municipality, the city vehicle achieved success thanks to its performance and competitiveness in price. Our deliveries continue. We will deliver 750 vehicles. He said that we will not only sell vehicles but also maintain them for 5 years.

Emphasizing that buses are ready for service every evening, Görgüç said:
After our vehicles are used in the designated garages, we carry out all maintenance in the evening. Thus, a municipal business with the manufacturer's my first time in Turkey to cooperate for common goals. We are very satisfied, everything is fine.

This has been a different experience for us. We have delivered over 300 vehicles so far. These are used in both the Anatolian and European sides. Our products provide very successful service. We will deliver all vehicles in 2013.

Source : http://www.stargundem.com

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