OTIF Secretary General Visits TCDD

OTIF Secretary General Visits TCDD
The General Secretary of OTIF (Intergovernmental Organization for International Carriage by Rail) François Davenne, along with Nas Leermakers, Head of Technology, paid a two-day working visit to TCDD at 17-18 April 2013.

François Davenne, who first met with TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, stated that he was very happy because of his visit to our country and TCDD which he deemed very important from a strategic and geographical point of view, and thanked General Director Karaman who devoted time to them.

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who expressed his gratitude for the visit, informed the Secretary General of OTIF Davenne about the projects carried out in the last ten years and the targets of 2023 in Turkish railways. Karaman presented a pocket watch to Davanne in memory of his visit.

After the visit, a meeting was held with the participation of TCDD Deputy General Director İsmet Duman and the officials of the General Directorate of TCDD, General Directorate of Rail Regulatory Affairs, Turkish Standards Institute, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman emphasized that the government has allocated the necessary investment allowance every year and said, gerekli We are experiencing a frantic railway construction, maintenance and repair campaign all over our country. Right now, the draft law to open the way for the private sector to make transportation in our Railways is discussed in the Assembly General Assembly. With the law, the railway sector will come alive and develop. Kanun Until 2023 10.000 km high-speed 4.000 km of the conventional railway line is planned to be told about the Duman, as well as modernization, signaling and electrification of all of the existing lines are among the objectives, he said.

At the meeting; Main Annex F of COTIF, agreed by OTIF at the meetings of the OTIF Technical Experts Commission "Uniform Rules for the Validation of Technical Standards Applied to Railway Materials to be Used in International Traffic and the Adoption of Uniform Instructions (APTU)" and Annex G "Uniform Rules for the Acceptance of Railway Material Used in International Traffic Information was given on the technical annexes to be included in (ATMF) and the Uniform Technical Rules (UTP) on railway freight wagons.

At the meeting, where all the participants actively participated and a separate question and answer session was held on the second day, the Tektip Technical Rules (UTP), the international uniform transportation law and the CIM / SMGS joint carriage regarding the acceptance, maintenance and operation of freight wagons used in international rail traffic documents were discussed in detail.

The Intergovernmental Organization OTIF for International Carriage by Rail aims to organize a uniform legal regime in the areas of international passenger and freight transport by rail between Member States, the use of wagons, the use of infrastructure and the transport of dangerous goods, and to ensure the implementation and development of this regime.

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