North Ring Road Project Fast Moving

Uşak Mayor Ali Erdoğan said that they had made significant progress in the northern ring road project.
Erdogan, said in a statement to reporters, 4 months before the start of the northern ring road work is progressing, Uşak-Izmir highway from the point of connection to the area of ​​Karaağaç fill-up studies continued, he said.
Approximately 4 three kilometers per month working in the field that expresses Erdogan, the end of the year until the end of 2013 will be opened to traffic, he said. Erdoğan stated that the ring road is an important factor for the development of the northern part of the city and said:
“We want to remove the transportation problem of our city from our agenda. The southern ring road project has been completed. After the completion of the road, we can see the change in the southern region with eyes. Likewise, with the completion of the northern ring road, urbanization will increase in the north of the city. Our teams continue to work with all their might. The northern ring road project is progressing rapidly. Our aim is to complete the road works as soon as possible. "

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