New target on the fast train

New target on the fast train
-Eskişehir Ankara Eskisehir and Ankara-Konya-Konya YHT after the opening of the line of about a thousand kilometers from Turkey's first YHT ring was created. The next target in high speed train will be Istanbul. The Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line, which is expected to open on October 29, will have more frequent flights than the plane. A high-speed train will depart to Istanbul every 10-15 minutes. It was stated that the line, whose 95 percent of its infrastructure was completed, will be opened after the trials to be made after the end of the signaling process. With the commissioning of the line, the road between Ankara and Istanbul will be reduced to 3 hours.

In the fast train, the next target is Bursa, Izmir and Sivas. Turkey's largest province with 15 This line will be connected to each other. High-speed train, will cover up to half of Turkey's population. The high-speed train will normally reduce the travel time between 14 and Ankara-Izmir to 3,5 hours. The total cost of the project, which will be carried out in three stages, is 624 billion liras.

Ankara-Istanbul 3 hours, Ankara-Bursa 2 hours 15 minutes, Bursa-Bilecik 35 minutes, Bursa-Eskisehir 1 hours, Bursa-Istanbul 2 hours 15 minutes, Bursa-Konya 2 hours 20 hours, Bursa-Sivas 4 hours, Ankara- Sivas 2 hours 50 minutes, Istanbul-Sivas 5 hours, Ankara-Izmir 3 hours 30 minutes, Ankara-Afyonkarahisar 1 hours will be 30 minutes.

Fast trains will be started between Eskişehir-Antalya, Erzincan-Trabzon, Bursa-Bandırma-Balıkesir-İzmir, Sivas-Erzincan-Kars until 2023. These connections will expand to Diyarbakır.

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