New Regulations at Bozüyükte Ring Road Underpass

In the Bozüyük district of Bilecik, the pedestrian crossings passing under the Ring Road were cleaned and arranged, and the work of laying the floor tiles was started. The underpass of the Yardı Mahallesi, the first studies of which started, was completed and offered to the citizens.
Organized by the teams of the Department of Science Affairs of Bozuyuk Municipality under the roadway underpass works are underway. The first of the works is Yediler Mahallesi 595. and 111. The teams that started at the subway which provide the connection between the streets, completed the work here and presented the subway to the citizens without any problems. Under the arrangement of the underpasses, the accumulated soil fragments and mud were cleaned and the floor was smoothed and floor tiles were placed on the floor. After the floor was covered with floor tiles, lighting work was carried out and a strong and durable floor lighting system was applied to the railway underpass and welcomed by the citizens. With the arrangement and modern lighting system, residents of the Yediler neighborhood have been provided with a much more modern and secure underpass.
The ongoing works on the Mermerli avenue and the passageway that provides the bus terminal pass also work in the Çarşı neighborhood 372. and 204. The street will be connected to the subway.

Source: haber01



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