Mushta 60 Annual Tunnel Closes the People of the Village

The 60-year-old State Railroad underpass connecting the Sütlüce village and Yeşilyurt Neighborhood caused the reaction of the village people.
The village people, who suggested that the 150 meter long narrow passage tunnel connecting the Sütlüce village and Yeşilyurt Neighborhood caused accidents and pedestrians, asked for lighting. Fahrettin Kaya, one of the residents of the village, who stated that the fire tunnel is too narrow in an emergency such as fire, and that pedestrians live in this tunnel with the fear of accidents, said, “We want the passage to be built on the right side of the road. Our village has many problems in this regard. If we give the smallest example, the dust and fumes coming out after this passage are coming into our house. Two cars cannot pass through this tunnel at the same time. The tunnel is both narrow and afraid of the accident while pedestrians pass. This is a big problem. At least one lighting can be done even if nothing is done. ” said.
It is stated that the passage tunnel, which is approximately 150 meters long, causes great difficulties in winter. It was stated that there was icing in the passage tunnel in winter, that only one vehicle could pass through the tunnel, and pedestrians could barely pass with the fear of accident. Kadri Yonat, one of the inhabitants of Sütlüce village, said, “In winter, this tunnel becomes completely ice. The fact that the tunnel is dark and the chance of a single vehicle passing is a problem for pedestrians. We are afraid of crashing when the vehicle passes. We all use this place to go to the center. About 100 vehicles pass every day. This place needs to be lightened or corrected by another work. ” spoke in the form.
Hüseyin Aykut and Özcan Yonat, one of the inhabitants of Sütlüce village, said that even in the event of a fire that might occur in Sütlüce village, the fire department would not be able to pass through the tunnel. Aykut, and Yonat said, “When a possible fire occurs in the village, how will the fire brigade pass through here? We have been experiencing these problems for years. And nobody says it. This problem is completely cost to our village. We want this problem to be eliminated. If a fire ignites in a short time, the fire department cannot reach here. Or it becomes ash until it comes. We want it to be considered in these emergencies. ” they said.

Source: haberaktüel

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