Musha 4 New Overpass

AK Party Mush MP Faruk Light, said in a statement, the Van Regional Director of Highways as a result of their interviews with the city center, said they had decided to make the 4 overpass.
The construction of the overpasses in September, which will begin Light, said:
“We will make overpasses to 4 different points: New State Hospital junction, City Stadium opposite, Bus Station Junction and police headquarters. We will decorate the overpasses with tulip figures and make lighting. The overpasses will give our city a modern appearance, provided that they are both elevator and ladder.
We also plan to make an underpass to the city center. There will be a change for Muş here. The overpasses and underground passages that will be built at the entrances and exits of the city will give the city a serious aesthetic. ”

Source: News


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