Egyptian railway sector workers strike

Egyptian railway sector workers strike
Since workers in the railway sector in Egypt go on strike, trains do not run across the country.

The strike decision of the Machinists and Conductors Union in Egypt paralyzed the railway transportation in the country.

The Union of Engineers and Conductors decided to strike across the country on the grounds that the government did not take into account the hike demands. The security forces tried to persuade the mechanics who were sitting on the rails to end the strike.

Because of the strike, the train stops between the three largest cities of the country, Cairo, Alexandria and Tanta. While the stopping of rail transport caused great hardships across the country, thousands of passengers created long queues in front of the box office to get their ticket back.

Hüseyin Zekeriya, the head of the Egyptian Railways Authority, stated that he declared an emergency situation at all stops in order not to cause any disturbance or tackle due to the strike.

Egyptian machinists' demands include improving salaries and making 8 days a month as tram drivers.

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