Mereto Mountain cable car project on road

Mereto Mountain cable car project on road
The 'cable car' project to the 2973-meter-high Mereto mountain kazanSason Mayor Muzaffer Arslan stated that they shared the project they prepared for the project with the Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek; “With the solution process, Mereto Mountain will become a tourism center. We expect the support of our Governor, Mr. Yılmaz Arslan, for the project we have already prepared.”


Mayor Muzaffer Arslan, who prepared the 'cable car' project for the opening of the 2973-meter-high Mereto mountain, which is identified with the Sason district of Batman, a wonder of nature, is waiting for support. Stating that they shared the 'cable car'-ski center project they had prepared a while ago with the Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek, Chairman Arslan said; “We have completed the infrastructure works we have prepared for the ski center facility with the 'cable car' project to Mereto mountain, where summer and winter snow is not missing. Mehmet Şimşek, our Minister of Finance, gave a great impetus to tourism. kazanwill look very warmly to our project. With this project, Mereto Mountain will now be one of the places frequented by local and foreign tourists.
Stating that one of the projects that will change the fate of the district with the solution process will be a ski center project with the 'cable car' to be realized on Mereto mountain, Mayor Arslan continued as follows; “Sason is literally the most beautiful place in nature. With this hidden and mysterious nature, Sason will become the center of attraction for tourism. The facilities where we will host domestic and foreign tourists are on Mereto mountain. kazanIf we do, we will find a solution to unemployment somewhere. There are nearly 700 temporary guards in our district. Many will no longer have their eyes on the village guard system. The facilities we plan to build will also be an employment area for the unemployed. With the support of our governor, Mr. Yılmaz Arslan, the projects needed by Mereto Mountain kazanwe will go.

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