Mars has moved Logistics to Luxembourg and foreign funds

Mars Logistics, one of Turkey's largest logistics companies. The owners of Mars Logistics, founded in 1989, are Engin Özmen, Garip Sahillioğlu and Şafak Dil. Of the company sözcüDeputy General Manager Ali Tulgar;
Ali Tulgu last year, including Renault, Michelin, Ford, Inditex, Mango and Tupras in terms of the number of trips that they serve customers 7500 and international logistics companies in Turkey say they were among the first. 1500 tool, the company's turnover 2012 213 million dollars, and the 2013 275 million dollar target. Mars is now making growth plans on two axes. One of them is Luxembourg and the other is Adana.
Ali Tulgar, Mars Logistik'ın 27 million euro investment in the city of Trieste in Italy and the cities of Bettembourg in Luxembourg, said that the train transportation of trailers.
Last year, incoming goods by sea from Turkey to Trieste in the first time in September, reaching the Luxembourg railways. From here it spreads to Europe. Ali Tulgar said, cilik Now the competition has been replaced by competition in the environment. With this new service, at least 13 billion grams of carbon dioxide emissions per year will be prevented en.
From Europe and the Gulf ...
Another target of the company is Adana. Dur The Iraqi market is focusing. Syria will eventually recover. . We want to make Adana a 'hub' and grow up here. Adana Tulgar says that European and Gulf-based funds have stolen doors for partnership, but there is no progress in this direction.


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