Bones Unearthed in Marmaray Excavations to be Exhibited in the Museum


Excavations at the Marmaray and Istanbul subways of Yenikapı have brought to light many animal works as well as many historical monuments. Excavations, horses, fishes, bear to cattle, many animal species will be found in the 60 thousand bones, bones will be exhibited in the museum since May.

Excavations at the Marmaray and Istanbul subways of Yenikapı included many historical monuments as well as animal bones. Istanbul University Faculty Member Dr. Vedat Onar provided information on the bones found in many animal species, from horses to netting, from bear to cattle.

Onar, ke When the Marmaray project was started in Yenikapı, archaeological excavations were started by the Istanbul Archaeological Directorate on the same date. Therefore, when we looked at thousands of our area, the remains of animals emerged. In addition to many archaeological materials, the remains of animals were also an important dimension. Birçok

Ler We have a lot of processed bones, ğ he said. Processed camels, cattle horns, deer horns were very much in the area. They are probably the materials used for smithing in decorative purposes for decorative purposes. The most important fish materials were the remains of tons of fish. Because fish species were rich in the Byzantine time fishing was a very important dimension. Here again, we see that some of our deer are hunted and sometimes the deer horns are gathered and many other materials are produced. Burada

Istanbul University Faculty Member who also showed the collection of Byzantine horses. Dr. Vedat Onar, Byzantine horses in the world said that they think the richest collection belongs.

The bones will be exhibited at the museum established at Istanbul University Avcılar Campus in May.


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