Marmaray Project in the German press

Die Welt from the German press gave a place to the Marmaray project.

Metro Line that will pass under the Bosphorus will be opened in October - olarak Marmaray proj Tunnel, which is called as the project of the century, is expected to be opened by Prime Minister Erdogan in October. There was a delay due to the existence of archaeological remains and earthquake risk. The tube passage, which will connect two sides of the city of Istanbul, will enable 29 to pass from Asia to the European continent and decrease the traffic density experienced in the city. As it is known, the metro system of the city of Istanbul is insufficient. The total length of the X Marmaray X Tunnel is 75 Halkalı-Gebze transportation time will be one and a half hours. The es Marmaray ors project is being realized by a Japanese consortium called Taisei. Japanese engineers emphasize that they evaluate all types of earthquake scenarios and that people in the tube passage will be safe in the event of a severe shaking.

The construction of the dı Marmaray mak project started in 2004 and engineers had to stop the construction from time to time because of the presence of various archaeological remains. In this context, the excavations at the ortaya Marmaray ın Yenikapı Station revealed the remains of a Byzantine harbor.

Turkey's Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, "Marmaray" project regarding "Archaeologists also stop when they're standing, when we continue on." He says. Therefore, the tunnel planned to be opened in 2010 could not be opened due to delays.

The ”Marmaray“ project, which is expected to cost around 3 billion euros, is considered a new silk road.

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