Malatya's urban transportation projects are on the agenda of METU

Urban transportation projects in Malatia
The third and last session of the studies titled son Sector Studies: Urbanism and Urban Architecture inde of METU Malatya University was held at METU Vişnelik Facilities.

Erhan Öncü, who graduated from 1973 in Middle East Technical University as an architect and a city planner in 1979, also carried out urban transportation and traffic plans and surveys in Malatya between 2009-2010, said: olarak I am not Malatya, but when planning Malatya, I had the opportunity to get to know all the urban relations. atı In his presentation; Öncü, who said that he will talk about transportation relations, transportation planning process and transportation types in cities, stated that he will draw attention to urban transportation projects in Malatya. Öncü said that cities are a living mechanism and pointed out that there is a continuous movement from the environment to the center in the morning. In the morning hours of work, the evening of the return home from the center to the center and from the center to the center of a movement indicating that the pioneering climbs in the traffic drew attention to these times. While planning, Öncü said that they had to plan the morning summit and the peak of the evening summit. Geri When we consider the direction of departure and return, the transportation infrastructure in the 48 hour of the day can only work efficiently in the 2 hours and remain idle during the remaining hours. So we have to calculate these two hours very well and we should spread these hours as much as possible and not create excessive capacity hesap.

"Transportation planning process emerged with the requirements made of the rail system in Turkey" Pioneers "Municipalities engaged in efforts to make rail system enters the Ministry of Transport has decided that it must be brought under control," he said. While preparing a city's transportation master plan or conducting a rail system survey; In the light of information such as the collection of available information about the city, all demographic, physical data, all planning data, the city's economy, social data, and life, the city's transportation demand forecasting model was prepared by using some special software. Öncü, using these prediction models to create the transportation master plan, and these plans through the city's 30 transportation needs during the year can be determined, he added.

The most important stage of the planning process is the selection of transportation types. Öncü has categorized the urban transportation types as pedestrian, bicycle, taxi, service vehicle, taxi, minibus and bus. "Buses can be grouped according to different criteria," he said. "According to their size, we can list midibuses, standard size (12 meter) buses, bellows, double bellows, double layers," he said. I According to the nature of the operator, whether the enterprise, private operator or private enterprise or individual? Inin he drew attention to differentiation.

The pioneer, illustrating the form of energy used as another classification criterion, explained the trolleybus example. Lardır Trolleybuses are vehicles operated in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir in previous years. The things that are now brought to us as something new are actually Trolleybuses, not something different, Şu he said. He stated that trolleybuses use efficient electric energy and they are environmentally friendly. However, trolleybuses are experiencing problems due to cable adherence and they are clogged in traffic and require high infrastructure costs. Talking about the existence of buses operating with natural gas, Öncü said eden Today's choice is electric buses Doğal. These buses, after three hours of filling in the next day to go to 400 miles of electricity stored in the description explaining Öncü, "Night can be charged by charging all day," he said. After a Chinese firm that promises to add Leading European city employee This application will soon enter the rapidly growing market of Turkey, he said. Mr. Öncü mentioned about the existence of hybrid buses except electric buses and added that these buses are powered by diesel or natural gas and they use electricity by weight. On the other hand, Öncü said that buses are very expensive for the time being.

Öncü stated that the last classification group in the buses is related to the priorities in the traffic. esi bus lanes ay, which are separated from the road by small physical obstacles (or barriers), can only be used as ları guided bus routes ları and buses that are separated from other vehicles on the road. He explained. Pointing out that the concept of Metrobus is misunderstood, Öncü added that ray The basic principle of Metrobuses is to think like rail system, to be designed as a rail system but to operate a wheeled vehicle Met. Öncü added that a metrobus line is no different from a metro or light rail system line. one-fifth of a rail system, the same capacity as one-seventh cost can provide. bir Referring to the example of the tram in the railway system, Öncü added that the trams are more iris than the bus and that 130-200 serves in the capacity of carrying people. Referring to the examples of front metro, light metro, Öncü said Ankara, Adana subway and İzmir subway are included in this classification. He stated that these vehicles can frequently go underground and that there is an 20-30 passenger carrying capacity in one hour. Edi Metros are vehicles that can carry up to 800-1000 on a train, in an array, X he said, adding that these vehicles have very high technology and that 90-60 could transport one thousand people per hour by means of 70 minutes. Hızlı Their main feature is their sparsely stalled, high-speed operation, işletil said Öncü after the commuter trains.

The monorails, which provide information about the monorails, claimed that space and storage areas occupied a lot of space and created image pollution with their transformers and buildings. He also stressed that the monorails are very bad vehicles in bus capacity, metro cost and visual and environmental qualities. Finally, the ski lifts; He said that the leading ropeways, which define their operation as difficult and risky vehicles with low capacity, are very expensive. However, in very special circumstances, it can be preferred if it is not reached by other means of transportation in very special circumstances. On the way to the rail system, the buses showed an interesting development and Öncü also explained the transformation of the bus. In order to prevent the buses from getting trapped in the city traffic, Öncü stated that firstly strips should be made, then physically they should leave the bus for the buses. Finally, it is called metrobus style, closed roads can be built where vehicles are not used. regulations argued that the capacity of buses could be improved. ”Today, according to the counts we made with the metrobus in Istanbul, we can be carried 22 bin an hour, and according to the counts made by the municipality, 27 can be transported by a thousand people per hour“. He added that the Trans Milenio bus in Bogota was divided into four-lane roads at some sections of the system, at stops and in the system, adding that the capacity of carrying one 48 per hour per hour was reached. When choosing a transportation type; capacity, cost, speed, comfort, environmental impacts, accessibility, route flexibility, capacity flexibility, non-impact of the traffic, the need for space should be a selection should be made. The most important among them is capacity and cost. Öncü ites Ankara, located in Ankara, has a capacity of carrying 23 per thousand people per hour, but currently carries only 7-8 thousand people per hour. It carries one third of its capacity. rail systems built with the money paid millions of pounds in Turkey are just trying capacity buses.

Referring to his recent work in Malatya, Öncü said, ık In Malatya we conducted a six-month study, a study to develop short- and medium-term measures. In order to save the Malatya city center from the pressures of the surrounding settlements on the two sides at the east and west (in the Maşti and in the east garage) terminal, we proposed a terminal that provides intensive service and this extension was recommended. We suggested that this corridor between the university and the OIZ should be developed in parallel with the gradual increase in demand with small and fragmented sanctions. Here, firstly we started with the bus priority at the intersections in the first stage, then transformed into the bus lane, followed by a gradual transition to the busway and finally to the metrobus. We have developed the circulation scheme of the central area, reducing the entrance of parking lots and vehicles and recommending pedestrian zones. However, we see that acak Trambus kat, which does not contribute much to the center and which requires significant investment, is implemented before the recommendations for the city center are implemented. Trambus is not actually a definition in technology, it is a promise of a few municipalities in our country. Aslında Trolleybus ”, a technology that was abandoned in our cities years ago, hesitated to say orum Troleybüs vay to its citizens, but ına Tram, but this is actually a bus” is more pleasant to say ”. Tr In terms of the meaning of the word Tram: say rail, Trambus: rail bus. In fact, there is no rail, so there is no tram, only wired bus, ie trolleybus, kab said Öncü,, This system with its transformers, poles, cables will bring great investment and operation / maintenance costs yok. This kind of cable and pole systems, which advocates that the old technology, alternative technology, proposed alternative. Among them, they charge three to four hours a night and point out the non-stop e-buses. These systems will soon be implemented in Istanbul, he added. Ihtiyaç It is not the right decision to go back to a technology (trolleybus) of 100-150 year after year, even if there is such technology for the future, to be developed. X should be calculated, resources should be consumed wisely. "Approach to our city!" Approach should be left, according to the presentations of the vendor companies should not be decided ".

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