Latest situation in logistics villages

Latest situation in logistics villages
Works are progressing in 17 logistics centers and 5 separate freight centers. In some, the first stage has been completed and the activity has started. Some of them are still in the expropriation stage, some are put out to tender. The size of some of these centers, which will bring 30 million tons of cargo capacity to logistics centers annually, is close to 2 million square meters. The centers are planned to be completed by 2020. These centers will carry $ 2023 billion of exports in 500. Samsun, HalkalıThe centers in Uşak were opened. The first stages in Denizli, Izmit, Eskisehir and Kayseri were completed.
In addition, DLH is working to establish a logistics center in Izmir Kemalpaşa and the private sector in Mersin Taşkent. Meanwhile, there is a global logistics center in Trabzon. Istanbul BBB has Hadımköy and Tuzla projects, and the Ankara Chamber of Industry has a logistics village project related to Ankara. What is the latest situation in the logistics villages planned by the government, at what stage are the jobs? The latest information of TCDD on this subject is as follows:

  1. Balıkesir Logistics Center:

In addition to the existing transportation options, it was designed to be integrated with the Tekirdağ-Bandırma Train-Feri project and the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi railway project. Automobile, container, chipboard, MDF, marble products, foodstuff (meat and dairy products, dry food, etc.), kaolin, fiber and synthetic materials, beverages, coal, military loads, iron ore, industrial products and so on. carry
Building, logistics area works continue. Completion of the land, peron, ramp fills and treatment plant works. Infrastructure, warehouse, wagon maintenance workshop building, logistics service building construction works are ongoing. 2013 is finally scheduled to be commissioned. 1 carrying capacity of one million tons, 211 will consist of one thousand square meters logistics area.

  1. Bilecik (Bozüyük) Logistics Center

Containers, ceramics, insulation materials, iron and steel products, construction materials, military loads will be transported. When completed, the sector will have a carrying capacity of 1,9 million tons. Its tender was held in January 2012. Expropriation and construction work started. Bozuyük will also serve OIZ. It will have an area of ​​400 thousand square meters.

  1. Denizli (Kaklik) Logistics Center:

From the center; marble and processed marble, coal, clinker, container, textile products, copper raw materials are being transported. When completed, the 500 will have a capacity of one thousand tons. 120 is being installed on a thousand square meters area. In addition to the land area of ​​90 thousand square meters TCDD, 30 thousand square meters area was expropriated. 2.Etap tender works are completed and construction works are continued.

  1. Erzurum (Palandoken) Logistics Center:

Erzurum OSB is located next to Palandöken. Car, coal, iron, flour, brick, tile, container, ceramic, food, water, beverages, fertilizer, military transports, feed and hay transport will be made. Turkey said the logistics industry with 437 thousand tons carrying capacity will be provided logistic centers, 276 thousand square meters of logistics space will be gained. Logistics Center Directorate Service Building construction has been completed. Construction work was commenced for the construction work of the lower and upper structures.

  1. Eskişehir (Hasanbey) Logistics Center:

Eskişehir Logistics Center is established to address the developing industry in Eskişehir and its surroundings in order to carry Eskişehir OSB freight directly with the railway connection and also to contribute to import and export transportation. Tiles, feldspar, iron, ceramics, construction materials, refrigerators, containers, magnesite, foodstuffs, water and coal will be transported from Hasanbey Logistics Center. When the said logistics center is completed, 1,4 million tons of transport capacity will be provided to the sector. 2nd stage construction works are continuing.

  1. Konya (Kayacık) Logistics Center;

The work for the establishment of the Kayacık area started. Coal, cement, marble, food, flour, feed, straw, fertilizer, sugar, agricultural machinery, agricultural products, containers, military goods will be carried. 1.7 million tons carrying capacity, 1 million square meters logistics area will be provided to the sector. Expropriation works are ongoing. The company was awarded the tender for the procurement of application projects.

7. Mardin (GAP) Logistics Center:

Mardin and surrounding businesses, as well as Syria and Iraq, especially for import and export transport is established. It will be between the Mardin and the Main. Storage, packaging and other services will also be provided. Container, ceramic, insulation material, iron and steel products, military, construction material, etc. carry 1.5 thousand square meter area will be established with the capacity of carrying 316 million tons to the sector. Determination of property borders and expropriation works are ongoing.

  1. Istanbul(Halkalı) Logistics Center: OK

70 of our international transport is from the Thrace region Halkalıis done. With this project, the problem of congestion and inadequacy will be eliminated. Capacity and transport quality will increase. Halkalı Logistics Center works are completed. Construction work will continue according to the need.

  1. Istanbul (Yesilbayir) Logistics Center:

Due to the land problems encountered during the works to establish Ispartakule Logistics Center; Work has begun to build it in Yeşilbayır / Hadımköy. Container, export goods, imported goods, textiles, processed leather, small household appliances, sand, auto spare parts, trucks, cleaning agents, foodstuffs, paper, MDF and pipes will be transported. A transport capacity of 6 million tons will be provided to the sector, and a logistics area of ​​1 million square meters will be established. Regarding the area, an agreement was reached with the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture to separate the area in Arnavutköy - Yeşilbayır. Efforts are underway to remove the land from agricultural land. The region has the opportunity to grow up to 10 million square meters.

  1. İzmit (Köseköy) Logistics Center: FIRST EVENT

Mdf, chipboard, petroleum products, gypsum, container, clinker, iron, cellulose, enamel raw material, water, boracite, steel hair, wood, glue are being transported especially for automobile industry and related industries. Integrated with other transport modes. 2 million tons will be supplied to the sector. 1. stage work completed, 2. Stage expropriation and development works are ongoing.

  1. Kahramanmaras (Turkoglu) Logistics Center:

It is planned to be established in Türkoğlu, 3 km from OIZ, adjacent to the Nurdağı-Kahramanmaraş highway, which has the possibility of expansion. Cotton, yarn, woven fabric, knitted fabric, fertilizer, chrome, cement, ceramic, iron, coal, wood and marble will be transported. It will provide the sector with a transport capacity of 1.9 million tons and 797 thousand square meters of logistics space. Feasibility studies are finished, expropriation studies have started, implementation projects will be received by TCDD on March 9.

  1. Kars Logistics Center:
    Kars, the environment, CIS, Turkish Republics and Iran will address the region. Work started. It is located at the intersection of Kars-Tbilisi and Kars proj Iğdır railway projects at the 13 Km east of Kars. Coal, military goods, fertilizer feed, containers, flour and fuel etc will be carried. It will be integrated with Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Project. 412 will be established in 316 thousand square meters logistics area with a thousand tons carrying capacity.
  2. Kayseri (Boğazköprü) Logistics Center: FIRST EVENT

Foundation work started. Iron, pipe, feed, container, hair sheet, ceramic, coal, cotton, zinc, furniture, cable, auto tire, military loads, stove to be carried. 2007-2010 5.6 million pounds was spent. When completed, Turkey Logistics Industry to 1.8 million tons carrying capacity will be accelerated. 1. stage construction work is completed, 2. stage expropriation and development works are continuing.

  1. Samsun (Gelemen) Logistics Center; FIRST STAGE IN ACTIVITY
  • stage was put into service in 2007. It transports iron, scrap, sheet metal, copper, clinker, containers, cement, coal, timber, wheat, foodstuffs, flour and fertilizers. It has a carrying capacity of 1.1 million tons for the sector. Load flows were 2008 tons in 854.584, 2009 tons in 765.803, 2010 tons in 741.309 and 2011 tons in 597.528. Additional manufacturing continues.

  • Sivas Logistics Center:

  • Coal, iron ore, processed iron, construction material, manure, scrap, military and administrative material, traverse transport will be carried out from the center. 1 million tons carrying capacity to the industry, 500 thousand square meters of space will be saved. Location detection studies are ongoing.

    1. Uşak Logistics Center; CONSTRUCTION COMPLETED

    140 will be established on a thousand square meters area. 246 will be capable of carrying a thousand tons. Logistics center, ceramic, container, blanket, yarn, marble and marble dust, plastic raw materials, machinery equipment, food items will be transported. Construction work completed.

    1. Mersin (Yenice) Logistics Center;

    Containers, vehicles, machinery spare parts, agricultural tools, iron, steel, pipes, foodstuffs, cotton, ceramics, chemicals, cement, military loads, packaging materials will be transported. A 896 thousand square meter area with a carrying capacity of 398 thousand tons will be provided for the sector. 226 thousand square meters of area was expropriated. Its tender was launched on January 09.

    Work continues for 5 load center installation

    KARAPINAR LOAD CENTER PROJECT: In Polatlı, the ramp used as the loading / unloading area in the TCDD area was removed and the necessary actions were taken to open the zoning road in this area, and the works to establish a load center in Karapınar for proper loading and unloading. The extension plan and implementation project studies are ongoing.

    NİĞDE (ANDAVAL) LOAD CENTER PROJECT: It is established to be able to transport and increase the potential load in Niğde and its environs, which is one of the main production centers of the calcite and mosaic sector, in order to be able to load and unload in the larger area. Expropriation works were completed.

    TIRMIL LOAD CENTER PROJECT: The TIRMIL Load Center Project, which will relieve the port and provide double-line access without interrupting the highway, instead of the railway line entering the port as level, is continuing. Infrastructure works have been completed. Construction, mechanical installation, electrical installation projects of the service building were prepared, at the tender stage.

    HOROZLUHAN LOAD CENTER: Kayacık Logistics Center is not operational yet. Loading and unloading is not possible at Konya Station. Loading and unloading operations in Konya and its surroundings are carried out from Horozluhan. A load center has started to be established to improve freight services here. Infrastructure works have been completed, superstructure works are ongoing.

    ÜLKÜ GAR ORGANIZATION: It is planned that only passenger services will be provided at Karabük Station, other services will be removed from here, a loading - unloading center will be established, and cargo transportation activities will be carried out at Ülkü Station until this center is established. Studies have started. Projects based on construction will be tendered at the approval stage.

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