Light signaling poles on railway

Light signaling poles on railway
turkey in the Alstom with the signing of several rail transport, new to mix the history of the light signaling system, modern and safer ERMS / ETCS (European Rail Traffic Management System / European Train Control System) was introduced standards Bologna Station in the control center building in the media.

This system, which provides the realization of the railway traffic on the railway lines, the time, frequency and capacity of the trains on one line at the same time, the staff saving, the traffic safety and the efficient train operation, this system also aims to facilitate the border crossings between the EU countries. carrying. This modern signaling system in the Alstom also started TAPS project in Turkey, the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project 1. After the implementation of the stage Eskişehir - Ankara -Balıkesir signaling project began to work. The company will complete 89 per month of the system's works, which will cost 36 Million Euros.

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