Land transport volume in North America declines in March

Land transport volume in North America declines in March
According to a statement by the American Railways Association (AAR), the total traffic of US railways in March was recorded as 0,5 trailers and containers with an annual 933.208 increase. The increase in rail traffic in the country in March was the lowest since August of 2011.

In March, the total wagon shipments were 0,5 with the yearly 1.117.427 decrease, while the country's carriage rate declines were the lowest since January.

54,3 or 19.295 increased by% 6,1 or 4.127 for shipments of oil and petroleum products in March, while 11,4 or 1.550 units increased by 1% 13,2 or 2.908 units. In March, however, metal ore shipments decreased by XNUMX or XNUMX units.

In the period in question, XBXX increased by 80.227 with 0,5 units, while intermodal traffic of Canadian railways decreased by 10,5% 47.127 annually.

Mexican rail transports increased by 6,3 per year to 13.948, while intermodal rail traffic in Mexico was down by 13,9 (7.839), while XNUMX units were registered as container and container.

In the first thirteen weeks of 2013, North American railways produced a total of 1,5 wagons with an annual total of% 4.770.914, while the total intermodal traffic of North American railways was 5 units and containers with an annual 3.863.824 increase.

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