The Gospel of Bridge Interchange to Kuşadası

One of the bridged intersections commenced construction of AK Party government by allocating approximately 30 million pounds will be the Kuşadası Çamlık junction, which is located on Kuşadası ring road, the other is the junction of Otogar ring road and the road between Kuşadası and Davutlar.
AK Party Kuşadası District President Ali Kara, who examined the works of 3 bridged intersections that started to be built in Kuşadası, said, "We aim to finish the crossroads with bridges in Kuşadası, which everyone dreams of, but which is our government." said.
AK Party Kuşadası District Chairperson Ali Kara, who visited the construction site established for the construction of the crossroads, received information from the site chief İlker Kozan about his work. On 24.07.2012, a tender was made by the General Directorate of Highways for the correction of the Selçuk-Kuşadası-Davutlar road and to cover it with hot asphalt and to construct 3 crossroads in Kuşadası.
AK Party Kuşadası District Chairperson Ali Kara, who said that the central bridge junction and the bus station bridge junction will be 178 meters and the Davutlar crossroad will be 119 meters, stated that the bridge intersections in Kuşadası, which are promised by many politicians that everyone dreams of, are the AK Party government. miles of vehicle queues were formed. This torment of our guests who came to our district on holiday was reducing the interest in Kuşadası. I think that these bridge intersections on the ring road, where many sad accidents were experienced, will also be a solution to some part of the traffic problem. " said.
Underlining that the AK Party has been conducting a policy of service since the day it was founded, Ali Kara said that during the construction of the Köprülü intersections, the side roads will be constructed and covered with temporary asphalt and there will be no problems in traffic flow.
İlker Kozan, the site manager of the company that won the tender, said, “We completed the surveys in the field and established the construction site. Now, before starting the construction of the Davutlar bridge crossing, we are building the side roads. We have planned to open the bus terminal and Davutlar bridge intersections on July 1. We will evaluate the central bridge intersection according to the season, if the conditions are not suitable, we can leave it at the end of the season. " said.
Providing information about the project, Site Manager Kozan said, “If the vehicles coming from Söke will go to Kuşadası, they will continue on their way without stopping. If they will return to Davutlar, they will leave the right lane and pass under the bridge. Thus, the traffic flow will not slow down and they will have a safe journey. Likewise, the vehicle that will go from Kuşadası to Söke will continue on its way without stopping. If he wants to go to Davutlar, he will cross the right lane and continue on Davutlar road next to the bridged crossroad. " said.
Stating that the government has allocated approximately 3 million liras for the 30 bridged intersections that have been started to be built in Kuşadası, Ali Kara said, "I wish the bridge intersections that have started to be built will be beneficial to our district." said.

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