Kozanda Dam Cover Explosion Case in Progress

The 5th hearing of the case in which 5 workers died and 5 workers disappeared as a result of the explosion of the diversion tunnel cover of the Gökdere Köprü Dam in Kozan district was held.
At the hearing held at the Kozan High Criminal Court, some of the 17 defendants who were tried without arrest and the relatives of the disappeared and killed workers were present.
Following the hearing of the witnesses, the court board adjourned the trial to 4 May in order to hear the 17 defendants, who were stated to have prepared the project and whose statements were previously taken, to attend the hearing and to complete some of the deficiencies in the file.
-Move history-
As a result of the explosion of the cover of the diversion tunnel of Gökdere Köprü Dam on February 24, last year in Kozan, 2 workers were injured and 10 workers disappeared due to the current.
During the studies in which the military helicopter and search and rescue team of 300 people participated, the bodies that were stated to belong to Eyüp Altıntaş, Cumali Değirmenci, Erkan Yiğen, Erdal Demirelli and Hasan Bolat were found, the workers who disappeared by the current Veli Damaksız, Latif Değirmenci, Mehmet Yılmaz, Necmettin Karayiğit and Selahattin Aral's bodies could not be found despite months of searching.
Following the completion of the investigation on the grounds that they have to do with the incident, the dam owner of the business owner, main contractor and subcontractor companies, engineers and officials in charge of the dam on the grounds that the killing of more than one person was sued for causing death.

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