5 clock with Konya-Istanbul fast train!

5 clock with Konya-Istanbul fast train! : AK Party Konya deputy Cem Zorlu, High-Speed ​​Train with Konya-Istanbul between the time of the 5 per hour can be folded, he said.

AK Party Konya deputy Cem Zorlu, at a press conference organized by the Republic of Turkey gave information about the regulations concerning the liberalization of the State Railways.

Zorlu said, "Within the integrated transportation system, the first of the necessary measures to be taken in order to benefit more from the advantageous aspects of the railway transportation system is the abolition of the existing monopoly in the railway transport sector and the provision of competition under free, transparent and fair conditions." He stated that it is aimed to remove the barriers to provide efficient service and to bring about a change in favor of the railways between the types of work that it does with free competition in rail transport.

Stating that with the law, the quality of railways in freight and passenger transportation will be made in line with European Standards, Zorlu said, “With the High Speed ​​Train, some of our provinces have been and will continue to connect. One of these lucky cities is our Konya.
He said, "It will take 5 hours between Konya and Istanbul in the near future."

Underlining that freight can be transported in a competitive market with this law, Zorlu noted that the entire population can be given the opportunity to travel by rail in an economical and equal way, and that it will be possible to offer daily transportation between close settlements to the whole population at low prices. . “Thus, regional passenger transport will develop. With the development of regional passenger transport, access to high-speed trains will increase.

Source: Konya.net

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