Konya Metropolitan domestic production did not benefit from the tram

Konya Metropolitan domestic production to benefit from tram use
Saadet Party Selçuklu District Head Mustafa Derbentli burdened the Metropolitan Municipality with harsh words and said that the Metropolitan Municipality mocked Konya.

Saadet Party Seljuk District President Mustafa Derbentli said, “As it is known, a tram tender was held a while ago and the tender remained in Skoda. Looking at the tender process and the tender specifications, it is clear that there are many problems and question marks. Tahir Akyürek, the mayor of the ruling party, who has been the president for about 10 years and always wanted votes from the nation by subway and similar things, hastily made a tram tender on election eve. How will I possibly fool this nation again by tram? He will have asked himself that he has started such an attack. But what he calls attack is a complete fiasco. Because today, many industrial organizations and companies work as a consortium in the world. For example, many automobile brands are not all of their own production. Electric parts, motor parts, brake parts are made in another brand and country. Likewise, when we look at the inside of the computers, we see different brands and country productions. Most of the industrial products are like this. Today, Konya industry produces a significant amount of parts for many of the famous automobile factories. Why not the same situation for the tram? Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has placed 51 percent domestic manufacturing condition in the subway tender. The firm that will get the tender has to get 51 percent done in our country. Does Konya Metropolitan Municipality know about this kind of application? " said.


Stating that they could not understand why the Metropolitan did not want to benefit from domestic production, Derbentli continued his words as follows: “We were curious. Wouldn't it be okay if Bari said 30 percent would be local? Wouldn't it be if he offered 8 brand options instead of 8 color options to the citizen? How do I finance it? Is it by equity or by bank loan? if she asked. What offer did other companies participating in the tender offer? Are there any brokerage firms? If so, what is the commission to be paid? From where, how much, at what percentage interest will be paid for this tender? What or the income of which institution was shown as collateral to the bank from which the loan will be taken? Why was the Skoda company preferred? What do they say to the claims that the tender was prepared according to the Skoda company? The Metropolitan Municipality Mayor is required to inform the public about these issues.

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Günceleme: 27/11/2018 15:44

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