KGS gone balance left

The most complaints related to the Fast Pass System (HGS) were related to the transfer of the remaining money in the Card Pass System.
According to the information received from the General Directorate of Highways (KGM), one thousand 17 complaints were made between September 2012, 31 and March 2013, 258 regarding HGS, which replaced KGS.
The first place in the complaints was the problems in transferring money from KGS to HGS with 19 percent, followed by those who could not find the HGS label and card with 13 percent.
The percentage of those who complained that the HGS label was not read during the tolls was 12.
While 8 percent of the complaints consisted of distant fares from the HGS label, the same rate of people asked for an extended 7-day period for unlabeled passes.
“Correction of the transaction due to the wrong lane transition” constituted 7% of the applications, while the HGS label was not sold to foreign license plate vehicles and motorcycles were not given a more discounted right to pass other complaints.

Source: haberxnumx



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