Keçiören Municipality 1 Million 67 Thousand 727 Tone Paved Asphalt

Keçiören Municipality laid 1 million 67 thousand 727 tons of asphalt in four years in Keçiören with the works it carried out in coordination with the Metropolitan Municipality.
When he took office, one of Kecioren's most important problems in asphalt was experienced in Mayor Mustafa Ak, four-year district with four floors asphalt paved the way. As a result of the studies carried out by using the asphalt scraping machine for the first time in the district municipalities, the streets that did not remove the patches also reached the new asphalt. As a result of the asphalt excavation of the materials that do not throw away the Keçiören Municipality, the asphalt fractures formed in the streets were evaluated using incomplete infrastructure.
Turkey's largest district Kecioren of over 3 thousand street and Ak President pointed out that in a huge metropolis with streets, past years of recalling the accumulation of the county in a serious asphalt shortage "many asphalt serious deterioration in the general Kecioren to have occurred only This problem, which was wanted to be overcome by patch works, had reached its peak as of the past years. One of the issues that Keçiören people considered as the most important need in the expectation survey we made when we took office was the lack of infrastructure, including asphalt. Taking this into account, we started a great asphalt mobilization and we laid 1 million 67 thousand 727 tons of asphalt in our district in four years, ”he said. Emphasizing that Keçiören is a rapidly growing district, Mayor Ak said, “Infrastructure works are of great importance in the development process of a city and a region. It is not possible to talk about a healthy urbanization in a city where the infrastructure is insufficient. Considering this development and growth, we, as Keçiören Municipality, give priority to infrastructure services. Our aim is to minimize the infrastructure problems in Keçiören ”.

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