2013 Year of General Directorate of Highways Calls for R & D Projects

Call for R & D projects; The aim of the project is to support the R & D projects in R & D, which are consistent with the strategic objectives and objectives of the General Directorate, to produce technological information for R & D, to innovate in products, services and business processes, to increase service quality and standards, to increase efficiency and to reduce costs. it is made.
References; Research and Development Activities Directive and R & D projects will be evaluated according to the programs mentioned in the priority research areas. The deadline for applications is 30 April 2013.
With the letter of the project applications; General Directorate of Highways Research and Development Department must be delivered by hand, cargo or mail. Applications must be submitted to the Directorate General until the expiry of the application deadline. The General Directorate is not responsible for any losses or delays caused by cargo and mail.
Application documents and other documents related to the call;
Accessible at.


Source :http://www.kgm.gov.tr



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