Karasu Will Be An Important Logistics Center

Karasu Will Be An Important Logistics Center
Former State Minister Kürşat Tuzmen said that Karasu will become an important logistics center after the infrastructure and superstructure is completed.

Tüzmen, who made examinations with a group of businessmen in the Karasu Port and the free zone in Camitepe, told reporters that he came to the district to see the investments made on site.

“In this period of consultancy, I am examining the investment environments,” said Tüzmen, “By looking at infrastructure and superstructure possibilities, we create an environment where industry opportunities, demand conditions, firm structures and strategies, supporting industries can coexist, and accordingly attract domestic and foreign investors and help them. a visit we made. We look at the port and transportation facilities. Can studies be done as domestic and foreign capital- We made a research in this way. First we did our homework, looked at the planning. We got important information from our mayor ”.

Tüzmen, iron and steel industry investments in the district stating that the subject in question, said:

“It was a very smart decision. I think the right place and the right time. From our point of view, there are such metal and iron and steel issues, accordingly investments in the automotive and automotive sub-industry, plus the chemical industry. The energy sector must also be included in this. It is needed in this area. Regarding it, the infrastructure and sectors related to the supply of superstructure elements continue to trigger each other. We do monitoring and research. We need to encourage our investors in the right way. In order to do this, we need to take the correct information from its sources and direct it correctly after passing it through our own filter. "

Drawing attention to the fact that the district will become an important center in terms of tourism and industry in the coming period, Tuzmen said, “Karasu is a serious place with its infrastructure and superstructure, a place with a very good development potential. After the infrastructure and superstructure is completed, it will become an important logistics center. I see him ”he said.

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