Karasu Stream Bridge Awaits Repair

The Karasu River bridge in the Araban district of Gaziantep, which is in danger of collapse, is waiting to be repaired.
Speaking on the issue of the President of the Chamber of Cars, Chancellor Star, 1957 and made no maintenance since the date it was done, now the Gaziantep-Adiyaman split double road bridge passes through the concrete decay, he said. Yıldız, Karasu River Bridge drivers expressed their fearful moments, N 55 passing through the bridge from this date until today, decayed, decayed and decayed deep cracks in the 8 meter width and 100 meter-length Karasu River Bridge wants to be renewed. Citizens passing over the bridge claimed to be a danger of collapse is uneasy. High-tonnage vehicles coming out of Gaziantep are transporting cargo to Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia via Adıyaman. Intense vehicle traffic flow is experienced on this bridge. We want the authorities to be sensitive about this issue and to make the bridge tender as soon as possible and start the construction of the bridge. Yet

Source: mynet



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