Carom Prevented Hero Was

Carom Prevented Hero Was
TTİ Ali Deveci, who caught the escaping locomotive in Belemedik and derayed on the mountain road, prevented him from making a carrom with Çukurova Express, became the hero of TCDD employees.

On 03.04.2013, TTM ALİ DEVECİ grateful to our friend as all railroads, since he caught the locomotive fugitive locomotive fleeing from Ulukışla in Belemedik and prevented the carrom from the opposite direction by making the scissors to the mountain road. One of the biggest train crashes of 50 years would have occurred! ..

At the Belemedik Station, as a TTİ and during the event, after calling him from the control center while resting at home, without losing any time, he jumped on his motorcycle with his copper and went to the Belemedik scissors in a short time and drew the locomotive, which came at a speed of 110 km / h, blindly to the lives of hundreds of passengers in Çukurova Escort. was saved.

After the incident took place as news in the internet media and published on facebook, hundreds of TCDD employees were thanked by Ali Deveci. 6 Regional Directorate also presented a letter of appreciation and a salary award to Ankara on the success of Ali Deveci. She found.

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