Karabük University Rail Systems Club Performed Rail Systems Panel (Photo Gallery)

Established the first time in Turkey, Karabük University Rail Systems by Karabük University Club with Health, Culture and Sports Department of TCDD organization 2. Regional Directorate, Logistics Manager Vedat Vecdi Akça, Ansaldo STS, Signalization Engineer / Project Engineer Yunus Emre Teke, Özen Technical Consultancy, Rail Systems Technical Consultancy Levent Özen, Siemens A.Ş. Turkey, Rail Automation Business Unit Director of the Peace Balcılar, KARDEMİR Inc. Quality Management Manager Osman Yazaroğlu, Ostim OSB Technology Center and Anadolu Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) Coordinator Dr.. Ilhami Pektas and Durmazlar Inc. Rail Systems Projects Manager Sunay Şentürk attended the Rail Systems Panel. Karabuk University Dr. Prof. Dr. Bektaş Açıkgöz Conference Hall. Dr. İbrahim Kadı, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Erol Arcaklıoğlu and academic staff and students attended our university. The panel was chaired by Karabük University Rail Systems Engineering Department Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ismail Esen did. The first word in the first session was TCDD 2. Regional Manager, Logistics Manager Vedat Vecdi Akça received. For the first time in Turkey, the first of the University of Karabük Rail Systems Engineering Department of the University stressed that opened Vecdi Valerie Maples; Esine In previous years, while the use of railway transportation was% 40, this rate unfortunately fell to% 2012-% 2 according to the latest data of 5. In the last 10 year, TCDD has been making investments by modernizing high speed trains and as a result of these investments, we will use a fast, safe and comfortable transportation system. Karabük University will provide the first graduates by opening the Rail Systems Engineering Department. Turkey too will be the first Rail Systems Engineers. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the opening of this section on behalf of our country. Bu KARDEMİR A.Ş., which gave a presentation on gerçekleştir Production of Ray in Kardemir “. Quality Management Manager Osman Yazaroğlu; Uz As KARDEMİR, we are proud of this development. In Turkey, an organization has the distinction of being the first iron and steel factory. We also contribute to the establishment of the only organization producing rails and many organizations. Besides the Turkey Karabük University will do here with the testing of iron produced by establishing a single rail test center. Thus, we will be free from being dependent on the outside. By making all of the railway materials in Karabük, it is our goal to turn Karabük into a production center with our test center. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this panel. Bu Turkey's only opened in the University of Karabük Rail Systems Engineering, emphasizing the importance of Siemens AS Turkey, Rail Automation Business Unit Director of the Peace Balcılar; Im I'm an engineer, too. It was very difficult for me to find and learn about the rail systems, and also took a lot of time. I am very fortunate to see the students studying the Rail Systems Engineering because you will start to market more readily. Our company was working in a dependent manner on the rail systems abroad. With drop-Mar-Gem at Karabük University will do no more our business in Turkey. "saying the report: Infrastructure and urban organization, Portfolio rail systems, rail automation, rail electrification systems, gave information about the projects realized by Siemens in Turkey. Ansaldo STS, Signalization Engineer / Project Engineer Yunus Emre Teke; the history of railway, the history of the signaling and signaling and the stages of the project; "I am very happy to be there first performed at the University in Turkey. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the establishment of Rail Systems Engineering. Ray In the first panel of the second session on the importance of domestic production in Turkey and Railway Systems of Ostim about the importance of starting production in Turkey ASD Technology Center and the Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) Coordinator Dr. İlhami Pektaş gives information, Durmazlar Inc. Rail Systems Project Manager Sunay Şentürk: Urban rail transit systems, subway systems and subway vehicles, light rail systems and light rail vehicles, tram systems and vehicles, Durmazlar They informed the participants about the tram vehicle and the start of the project. Finally, Ozen Technical Consultancy, Rail Systems Technical Consultancy Levent Özen He gave information about the importance of media in rail systems. At the end of the panel, Dean of Karabük University Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Erol Arcaklıoğlu thanked all the panelists for their important information and presented their presents.

Turkey's first Rail Club / Karabük University

Rail systems technologies continue to gain considerable importance among today's public transport systems. According to other transportation methods, it is cheap, safe and environmentally friendly, allowing people to prefer rail systems technologies.
In parallel with the development of railway systems technologies worldwide, our country needs to advance in this field and to develop a qualified manpower (engineer). For this reason, 2011 years at Karabük University Faculty of Engineering Rail in Turkey's first and only on-site, it was decided to open the Systems Engineering Department.
Karabük University Rail Systems Engineering students, the club is Turkey's first rail systems, in 2012, Karabük University was established as the Rail Club. The aim of this club is to contribute to the professional and social development of engineering students, and a number of activities will be realized and realized for the sector and students.

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