KANCA Helped 10 Vise for 10 Vocational High School in 100 Province (Photo Gallery)

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KANCA Helps 10 Vise to 10 Vocational High School in 100
Turkey export industry is breaking new records every month. Turkish goods are exported to countries where we have not heard of them before, the share of industrial products in overseas sales is higher than ever in our history.

Who is producing such a quality product? Who is able to find a place in European countries, who works in the manufacture of Turkish goods, are there enough people who have been trained? Here's the critical question. Turkish industry has come to a very competitive, creative level with its accumulation from the past, but one of the most complainant issues is that it is well educated and cannot find a learned member.

Almost all of the need for trained technical staff is met by students who graduated from vocational high schools. The competence levels of these students depend on the quality of the workshop training rather than the theoretical training. It is a painful fact that vocational schools are far behind the industry in terms of machinery and equipment. In other words, the workshops where the vocational high school students have to spend the most time are unfortunately not adequately equipped, so students cannot serve and the lessons are either empty or time is killed. Unfortunately, equipping vocational high schools, which have been neglected for many years, with appropriate tools and tools, has entered into a recovery period with the donations of industrialists and the importance of the state to the subject. However, it is difficult to eliminate the neglect of the years with these steps, and more work to be done.

Vocational School officials; They emphasize that the products included in the inventory, such as calipers, clamps, welding machines, were provided by the Ministry at the first stage of the school and they did not receive any help afterwards. Stressed over time, broken materials can be provided in areas where the financial means are not possible, stating that:
“Since the students do not have the opportunity to receive sufficient practical training in the workshops where the equipment is lacking, the education process remains incomplete. He gave one caliper to ten students and said, “The children call it a caliper, they measure. Taking it back by saying “Oh don't break it, don't break it” is actually something we as educators do not want at all, but what should we do, the possibilities are limited. Our students need to level for hours, but during the workshop lesson hours, only 5 students get one vise. Since we cannot have five students in the same vise at the same time, one is working and the other four are looking after. Of course there is no such education. Children only take bias in their hands for show, they cannot really learn their profession. When they graduated from school, the company they went to said, “What did you learn at school. Have you ever done welding, have you not learned leveling? ”they are asked the question.

Hook, set out from these troubles, has provided 10 pieces of vise to 100 vocational high school all over the country to be used in the workshop courses of Vocational High Schools which provide the qualified personnel who will take our country forward in production.

Aydın Gönül, project manager who gave information about the subject, said:
Earlier in Turkey which it is prepared by Euroforg to about 500 Vocational High School "Tattoos technology" visual tutorial we ate Turkish translated and distributed the VCDs tray. In the introductory article we sent, we said write and share your views about this movie we prepared. As it turns out, the principals and teachers of Vocational High School longed for this interest, since no one had listened to them for years. Turkey at a time around we get e-mail or by letter and thank you messages, both say they communicate their problems to us. We saw that we actually touched a bleeding wound. After that day, we made a decision with our friends and our friend - Şenol Göktürk - who was very volunteer for this job during our domestic trips for technical information, visited many Vocational High Schools personally, spoke with teachers and determined what they needed. We saw that there are a lot of tools and tools lacking in vocational high schools. Thereupon, we opened the subject to our company owners who have already supported many initiatives in education. Mr. Alper KANCA was very happy when he heard about this project and from then on he always supported us, what stage we are often, why we are late etc. asked.

The schools we helped were selected from economically inactive areas. One-on-one interviews were held with the school administrators. needs determined. Our products were delivered to the doorstep. In the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year, our students started to use our products.

Thanks letters from teachers, photos are coming. These are very happy for us, we show our friends in the company.

In the letters received, they say, "With this campaign, you are not only supporting us, but also showing a true example of social responsibility for your own needs for qualified personnel."

We will continue this assistance in the right time in the following years.

List of Schools that Help
Suluova Şehit Erkan Ayas Technical and Industrial Vocational High School - AMASYA
Veterinary Health Vocational High School - SAMSUN
Bucak Technical and Industrial Vocational High School - BURDUR
Artvin Technical and Industrial Vocational High School - ARTVİN
Kepez ATATÜRK Technical and Industrial Vocational High School ANTALYA
Dursunbey Industrial Vocational High School- BALIKESİR
Şebinkarahisar Industrial Vocational High School- GİRESUN
Hatice Bayraktar Technical and Industrial Vocational High School - KOCAELİ
Sürmene Türk Telekom Maritime Anatolian Vocational High School - TRABZON
Zile Technical and Industrial Vocational High School TOKAT

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