Kalder visited TULOMSAŞ

📩 27/11/2018 15:53

Kalder visited TULOMSAŞ
KalDer Eskişehir Branch Board Chairman Burak Erdinç and Secretary General Salih Yalçın Tülomsaş visited General Manager Hayri Avcı in his office

Giving information about KalDer's activities, Erdinc talked about KalDer's vision and National Quality Movement.
TÜLOMSAŞ, which is a Eskişehir value within the National Quality Movement, will be proud to see.
The contractor General Manager Hayri Avci, Total Quality Management philosophy of the nineties in Turkey has not yet met with KalDer when it came to the agenda in Istanbul, he said that the caldera and participated in many training.

Hayri Avcı stated that he cared about KalDer's vision and that he would have more dialogue with KalDer on this issue. Reminding that TÜLOMSAŞ is a worldwide organization consisting of a thousand 500 employees, Avcı stated that they are the vision of becoming a global brand of Middle East and the Balkans and becoming a global brand and they would be pleased with KalDer's support in this regard.
KalDer Eskişehir Branch Chairman Burak Erdinç and Secretary General Salih Yalçın visited Provincial Director of National Education Arif Dede in his office.

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