Izmir transporters will grow with logistics center

Transporters of Izmir will grow with the logistics center: Ali Haydar Erdem and Koc Ali Al, 6. He announced his candidacy from the Professional Committee. Erdem said, ızı We have not determined our presidential candidate. We are working to address the sector's problems. We want to realize our logistics center project in Çandarlı. Ç

ITO Assembly Member Ali Haydar Erdem announced his nomination at the 45th Professional Committee Internal Transport and Transport Professional Committee at a press conference. Stating that they have the highest number of members in ITO with approximately 500 people, Erdem said that if they are selected in the new period, they will act to solve existing sector problems. Erdem, who invited all members to the elections to be held in Halkapınar Indoor Sports Hall, said: “The more participation, the stronger we will be. We did not determine our candidate for the chairman of the board of directors in the elections. We are working to fix the problems of the industry. We want to realize our logistics center project in Çandarlı. ”

Noting that the flagship of Izmir is the transportation sector, Koç Ali Al said that İzmir should grow above the logistics sector in line with the 2023 targets. Koç Ali Al, who gave the good news that they will establish a logistics center on the land of 3 thousand 500 acres behind Çandarlı Port as yer But we will break it. We have prepared our application file. We'il deliver it to the Ministry. We rolled our arms for the world's number one logistics center. This project will connect the Aegean Region to the world in national and international transportation. Anatolia will serve the geography, Anadolu he said.

Koç Ali Al, who stated that 130 employs a thousand people as internal transporters, said, UM We are contributing 5 billion TL to the Izmir economy. We have established Turkey's first shipping market. Now we have become competitive with the world. We must establish 2023 targets on the logistics center. We will realize our dream with the project we have been on for years. X

Source: Star Newspaper

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