Nationless Machinists in Izmir

Nationless Machinists in Izmir
Railway workers left work in Izmir and went on strike. Many trains did not move. TCDD ignored the safety of passengers in order to break the strike, the inexperienced trainee mechanics set out.

In the first hours of the day Basmane, Gaziemir, Fork, Tire, Soma, Torbalı Railway station workers leaving the work of many trains prevented movement. Employees want to break the strike according to the information given by the TCDD, Basmane Station Uşak, Bandirma, Denizli and Tire some of the trains moving from the direction of non-trainees with the driver took off. Officials said they are working on the trains in an irregular way, laughing, us Yes, Mak he said. Officer Sen affiliated Transportation Sen member of the scare breaker set out. The railway workers wanted to prevent the trains from moving, but the police intercepted the protesters with the shields.

The train, which was supposed to depart for Ödemiş at 12:20 pm, left 11 minutes early. Some passengers who put their belongings on the train due to the early departure of the train missed the train. The train, which was supposed to arrive at Basmane Station, which departs at night from Balıkesir, was brought to Halkapınar by TCDD officials in order not to draw the reactions of the employees who were on strike. The banner hanging on the front of the station and saying "There is a Strike in This Workplace" was taken down by the Station officials. The banner was hung again under the pressure of the employees.

BTS Izmir Branch President Bülent Çuhadar made a statement on behalf of the Railway Employees Platform about the strike. He said that the front of commercialization means the opening.


With the passing of the law, passengers and freight transporters who benefit from rail transportation will benefit from the service in a more expensive way, Çuhadar said, daha The bill stands against us as a threat to our bread and business. In spite of these threats, we will continue to support our business today as it was yesterday. If the bill is not withdrawn, we are confronted with the struggle against the bill. Yasa

While members of Greve Izmir Musicians Association supported the music, members of KESK, Genel İş, TÜMTİS and Kamu Sen also participated in the statement.

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