Foundation of Izmir Kemalpasa Logistics Center (Video)

The foundation of Izmir Kemalpasa Logistics Center was laid
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, the foundation of Kemalpasa Logistics Center is important for Izmir, where the loads will not be stored alone, many needs will be resolved, he said.

Minister Yıldırım stated that it is very important to produce in the speech he gave at the Kemalpaşa Logistics Center's Groundbreaking Ceremony and stated that there will be employment with production.

Turkey's energy, is no longer with blank business resources, not to fight against terrorism, growth, development work, he will spend to exceed stated that the Minister Yildirim, Turkey is left of the weapons, noted that East and West to embrace the new era entered.

Stating that everyone should support this process, Minister Yıldırım said, “We have had more pain than terrorism. We have exhausted our human resources, our financial resources for the sake of nothing. Our 400 billion dollars and 30 thousand people are gone. For the sake of what-we have won- all we earn is pain, tears. Now we had to end this trend. A new era for peace and brotherhood has started in our country with the great will of our Prime Minister. ”

Turkey is now embracing that period, and the best way to highlight the need to evaluate Minister Yıldırım, spoke as follows:

“Aren't we, shoulder to shoulder in Çanakkale, fighting nationally in Sakarya, martyred 80 thousand soldiers to defend this country in Sarıkamış. What happened to us, what we have to fight - There is an historical process. Everyone should behave responsibly and not adopt attitudes that will negatively affect the process. This is a work above politics. I invite the people of Izmir to be more sensitive about this issue. Everyone should know, your government against terrorism, Turkey's government, 61 government enter into any bargain. The conditions brought them to this point. It has to be known like this. What was first said 'separate state'. What then was called "federation", then "autonomous local structure", then what was said "solution in democracy". From the beginning, what we have said is a solution within this democracy. We can and will solve everything in democracy. This is the point we are coming to, and this is the common sense. This opportunity should be well evaluated. They say to us, 'What did you negotiate with this terrorist organization? Why did it suddenly stop, why are they withdrawing?' We say that if you see it as a bargain, we bargained 4 T; one country, one state, one nation, one flag. Our moon and star flag is enough for all of us. Our bargain is 4 T. ”

Logistics investments

Stating that they have planned 19 logistics centers in places where railways are located and on highways, 5 of them have finished, others have been projected and some of them have begun to be constructed.

Foundations of the center is important for Izmir, where the loads will not be stored alone, noted that many of the needs will be resolved Yıldırım, said:

“A lot of work will be done here, customs clearance, packaging… Many things related to transportation and transportation will be finished here. The goods will go to North Aegean Port without any obstacles, to other ports, to Anatolia, to other countries by rail. This center is very important for the goals we have set for Turkey Izmir. Izmir's export is close to 10 billion, it can do more, it can even catch 100 billion. How it will be - We will build such centers, railways, airports. Then Izmir 2023, Turkey's imports, exports will be engaged in the second largest city. "

Minister Yıldırım, during his speech, responded to the citizens who showed love with the slogan "Binali Yıldırım, the master of Izmir," "Efelik belongs to the people of Izmir, we are the servants of Izmir".

After the foundation of the center was prayed and laid, Minister Yıldırım participated in the opening ceremony of Erhanlar Warehouse in the district.

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