Izmir also missed this train

Izmir also missed this train
Chinese wagon giant CSR Corporation has decided to establish a carriage production facility for 110 million dollars in Xinjiang with MNG Holding
Izmir missed another big investment. The world's second largest rail equipment manufacturer CSR Corporation, plans to to invest in Ankara, Turkey chose instead Izmir. The Chinese wagon giant, including the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality among its customers, decided to establish a wagon production facility in Ankara Sincan with MNG Holding for 110 million dollars. The company laid the foundation of the new facility to be established with a ceremony held yesterday. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who went to China in 33 to see the production of 32 wagons with 2011 million euro used in İzmir Metro, met with CSR General Manager Xu Zongxiang. Zongxiang, they want to do production in Turkey, Izmir said they saw as the best place for investment. Last year, the Chinese wagon giant won the tender for 324 wagons held by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for the Ankara metro for 322 million dollars. In addition, according to the tender specifications, the Chinese firm will comply with the 51 percent domestic production requirement. It is stated that this tender and the domestic production requirement were effective in the Chinese choice of Ankara as their investment location.

We were sorry but…
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the European market of Izmir that Metropolitan Municipality opened by subway tender by entering the Chinese CSR Corporation's investment location as great regret the selection of Ankara, but said the world due to bring one of the major investors in Turkey happy they are. Reminding that they went to China after İzmir won the wagon tender, they visited the CSR Group's factory and then invited Group President Zheng Changhong to the city, President Kocaoğlu said, “With the friendly relations between CSR and Izmir, He believes that mutual trust will improve future cooperation. Then they opened their first office in Izmir in Turkey. We also showed the company officials around the OIZs in Izmir and explained the investment advantages. They told us that they wanted to operate in an area of ​​100-120 thousand square meters, if the conditions were suitable and the central government also supported it. Of course, it saddened us that they preferred Ankara for investment after so much effort. Still, looking at the full side of the glass, we were happy that we pave the way for Turkey to invest in such an important investor can tell, "he said.

"We must insist on Volkswagen"
* Ekrem Demirtaş
(President of Izmir Chamber of Commerce)
Economically, they found Ankara more convenient and decided to invest there. As İzmir, what is our disadvantage compared to Ankara? We have to investigate this. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality was conducting the negotiations with CSR. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's attitude is important. It is necessary to take care of him.

  • Mehmet Tiryaki
    (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry)
    Of course, we would like such an investment to come to our region. But also it is gratifying to come to Turkey. In order to attract investments of this scale to our region, it is necessary to improve the criteria that investors are looking for. We have many criteria such as good infrastructure, qualified people, logistics, transportation and market. From now on, the managers of our region and the presidents of non-governmental organizations need to follow the investors constantly. Our Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan keeps the Volkswagen investment on the agenda. If the German company comes to investment, it will come with hundreds of sub-industrialists. We must insist on attracting this investment to the Aegean. The EBSO Board of Directors is also following this investment.
  • Selami Özpoyraz
    (İzmir Chamber of Commerce Assembly President)
    We have to take initiatives with the government to bring new investments to our region. In this context, we need to convince the Minister of Economy, Zafer Çağlayan and the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat Ergün, to make other automotive investments, especially Volkswagen, in İzmir. We will go to Ankara with our President Ekrem Demirtaş and wait for this investment at the door of our ministers. Both the industrial zones in Izmir and the auto supply industry in neighboring provinces are very strong. We are close to the port, our export is easy. There is a tax advantage in such large investments. We expect government support to bring Volkswagen investment to the region.

  • View Yılmaz's Full Profile
    (Aegean Economy Development Foundation President)
    There is nothing missing in the Aegean. We have land, workforce and business potential. No need to get upset. We are trying to attract as much investments as we can to the Aegean. Our advantages more than other regions. We must continue our work at the same pace. What we did for Opel in the past should now be for Volkswagen.

  • Contact Mustafa directly
    (President of Aegean Automotive Association)
    The return on investments must be advantageous to bring investors to the Aegean. For this, İzmir should be included in the tax incentive zone. Some special sectoral incentives should be applied. A 10-year tax reduction should be provided in automotive investment. Auto factories in Europe are now moving outside of Europe. Investment in order to attract the Aegean to Turkey with our young population and the need to combine their technology. If we do that, there's no reason Volkswagen shouldn't come.

What did Izmir have missed before?
* When the privatization process of Izmir Alsancak Port got involved in lawsuits, Hutchison Group, one of the world's largest port operators, gave up buying the port.
* The effort to bring back Opel, which closed its factory in Torbalı, was not successful.
* British cigarette company BAT closed its factory in Tire and moved to Samsun.
* Sevilen Şarapları could not expand its facility in İzmir Gaziemir and invested in Aydın.
* Turkey's first futures exchange VOB, combined with the Istanbul Stock Exchange is moving to Istanbul.
* Chinese automobile company DFM considered Izmir for investment but has not made an investment decision yet.
* Considering investment in Izmir, Chinese Cherry went to Marmara.
* A French engine manufacturer moved its planned facility in the Aegean Free Zone to Poland.

What investment will the Chinese make in Ankara?
In the CSR-MNG Ankara Metro Vehicles Production Facilities, which will be built on a total area of ​​108 thousand square meters in the first stage, a capacity of 200 vehicle production will be created in the first stage and 150 vehicle maintenance and repair capacity in the second stage. It was stated that 12 Chinese and 30 Turkish qualified technical personnel will work continuously in the project, which is planned to start production after 350 months of construction period, and that approximately 6 thousand people will be created in the construction and production phases.

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