From İZBAN Station to the City

📩 27/11/2018 15:54

From İZBAN Station to the City
Participants were brought up in the agenda of the City Vision Meeting organized by Aliağa Chamber of Commerce (ALTO) on Sunday.

MURAT ŞEN: sık We have a problem that is not included in the questions. From almost every station of Izmir-Aliağa metro, Metropolitan Municipality lifts buses to central destinations. 90 we can ride a single ticket without paying in minutes. We want to take Eshot flights from Aliağa İZBAN station to the center. There are flights available at the moment but they are not healthy. With the arrival of Eshot we will be able to use the city card. In this way, I think our citizens will have less money out of their pocket. İZBAN's Aliağa expeditions are currently held every 20 minutes from Aliağa. But it's held every ten minutes from Menemen. I think this needs to be synchronized. It was said that İzmir Street will be closed to traffic, and I would suggest adding İstiklal Street to this project. İzmir

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