İZBAN is one of the most unique rail system projects in the world

İZBAN is one of the most unique rail system projects in the world
Turkey has attracted a lot of culture and continues to draw complaints. If you can not do anything, you get upset, they are doing it to me, such an injustice is being done, I can actually do this, but they don't allow it, you can have a status in this country. If you do not have an ingenuity to express yourself, to realize yourself, if you express yourself with someone else's number, you will naturally look for ways to cover up the inadequacies caused by you with complaints.
Unfortunately, it is possible to see such malfunctions in many issues involving political power. See also possible, it is one of the three largest city of Turkey's people at the beginning of the local government, the team can not be a condition reflex interpretation ...
Today, everyone knows how İZBAN, also known as EGERAY, is made, how much the Municipality costs, how much TCDD spends, and how the system was put into service. The accounts are in the middle… It is clear who made the road… It is obvious who made the signal, how the vehicles were supplied… And yet, as it is unseemly for TCDD to say İZBAN is my brother, I finished İZBAN by the Municipality, I am going to İzmir. kazanIt's so inappropriate for him to say he's pissed off.

Let us remind you: EGERAY, with the name of the system, operator and the common name of İZBAN, is one of the most unique rail system projects in the world. They say, let's make the rail demand of a city together, run it together. The division of labor is being done. Within the framework of this division of labor, the weighted part of the infrastructure is done by TCDD. Stations and gates are being built by the Metropolitan Municipality. Who will operate this? TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality are establishing a joint company and İZBAN A.Ş. This company called operates the system.
There's nothing up here.
So what is it: In Izmir, the city was adorned with posters throughout. The banners of TCDD cannot be read in the posters: Along the bridge, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 'stamped away with the 94-kilometer rail system stamped on it' sentence ... The President also admitted in a television program that this was the “election start”. The sentence in the poster appeared in the newspapers from the mouth of the President.
Let's say this: If TCDD did not put its hand under the stone, if it did not convince the Municipality to do this, I would run a suburb, my brother, who said the municipality was going to do it, which would he do, did not, then what would happen? Could the municipality be able to make 94 kilometers of the 9-kilometer line that he said he did? Politics must also have a fair criterion, right?

This is all I have to say, an incident that took place in Enveri.
The poems of Enveri, one of our old poets, were often imitated or even stolen by others. One day, when our poet saw a person reading his own poems to the crowd in a bazaar, he listened first, then he was quietly put next to the man and said "Who are these poems?" He said, "The poems of Enveri ..." Well, our poet said, "Do you know Enveri?" The other, does not say, "I am inventory", our poet who said Allah Allah, I had heard that the poem was stolen, but there was also to hear that the poet was stolen!

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