The Problem of Metrobus in Istanbul

The Problem of Metrobus in Istanbul
15 42 is a city's metro line, which has reached a population of millions, including light rail. Metro transportation works are too late and are progressing slowly. However, it should be noted that if this delay is a crime against the city (which is the biggest of the crimes!), This crime belongs not only to the AKP but to the rulers throughout the history of the Republic.

In the intense obstruction of vehicle traffic, the transportation was tried to be overcome by a rubber wheel system called metrobus. Great investments were made for this. For example, while the 10 mileage line between Avcılar Beylikdüzü and 65 has been tendered to TL, for example, the cost of this work is 100 million TL.

Metrobus line is between Beylikdüzü - Söğütlüçeşme. The line is clogged. In addition, the system is standing in a small accident. Transportation in any metropolis of the world could not be solved by rubber wheeled vehicles. While this experience is standing in the middle, the emphasis is on metrobus transportation. Yes, although the metrobus line has a contribution to transportation, this contribution was very short-lived.

As of December 2012, İBB Kadir Topbaş confessed to this fact: “The Metrobus line has exceeded the capacity. We have the idea of ​​converting it to the metro line. Metrobus needs to be wide for it to be very healthy. It should have two lanes. We are carrying 800 thousand people at the point where there are serious difficulties in difficult conditions. While the capacity of this should not exceed 400 thousand. Even a minor accident stops the whole system. It is possible to get rid of this problem only with the development of subway lines. ”

Topbaş, of course, does not say anything new here. No one knows that this can only be solved by the subway! Topbas is repeating what is known as saying something very important. Saying men Good Morning ın does not mean anything to him! They're not complicated physics formulas! For Topbas and his team, who said that the capacity of the Metrobus line should not exceed 400 thousand, was it very difficult to calculate the flow of passengers on this line? This can be solved even with the 4 process of mathematics. Topbaş also said that the Metrobus line should be two-lane, didn't he know that this was not possible on the D 100 (formerly E-5) highway? It is very interesting that the municipality management, who knows very well the reconstruction and the precedent issues, does not "calculate" this issue properly!

I don't know how much money is spent on the Metrobus line. There is also a total waste of 2,4 million TL for the 50 Phileas buses, which can be used and bought from the Netherlands for 120 million TL. The first correct question is: Is the investment in the Metrobus line combined with its vehicles worth the contribution that this line offers to transportation? The second correct question is, how many kilometers of metro line would be made with the whole amount spent on BRT?

The rooted solution for the construction of the metron, without the BRT investment, people could suffer a bit more transportation. Indeed, after a very short relief in transportation, they are suffering again! However, there is no metro on this line. At least in other ways, a certain length of subway line was made and hundreds of millions of dollars for metrobus, I think would have been partly wasted.
I have everything in the rulers I know. The hegemony that politics wants to establish in engineering and social fields indicates that the internal world of the politician is not sufficiently developed, not only consciousness, but also personality. This is the arrogance, the envy of it, that is the one-man obsession, that is, the hegemonic and masculine culture of the overlap of the biblical culture.

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