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Istanbul Izmir geçiyor.izmir waiting at the box office 11 introduced in the OGS and hgs'n brought together to discuss whether to apply all the systems in Turkey. General Directorate of Highways, with the existing technology in Istanbul bridges 'single toll in the 2 transition' system will not be applied, the Ministry of Transport with a new software, the transition card can be deducted.
While the 'two systems in one box', which enables the vehicles to pass freely at any point without the difference of Automatic Pass System (OGS) or Fast Pass System (HGS) at 11 toll booths in Izmir, the question 'Why this system is not applied in Istanbul' came to mind. While this system is expected to be implemented especially at the toll booths, which are the main responsible of the bridge traffic, General Directorate of Highways stated that it is not possible to use "two systems at one toll" on bridges with the technology used today.
The new application that they intend to relieve the heavy traffic in the box office stating that the authorities of the General Directorate of Highways, the application was first tried at the 1 box office and 11 box office is used for success, he said. An official from the İzmir General Directorate of Highways said: sonra After the trial, we found that there was no error in the application. There are no toll booths at the moment. However, we aim to spread throughout. Ancak In Istanbul, especially the bridges in this application can be applied to wonder whether the application of the General Directorate of Highways put the final point.
Two systems in the simultaneous use of the request of the citizens to explain the request of the authorities started working on the request, but the 'Electronic Systems Unit did not give a positive answer, he said. The entrance and exit tolls of the city have separate systems in Istanbul, the official said, sistem It is not possible to use the two systems together. We wanted to make this application especially in Istanbul for the purpose of reducing bridge traffic. But not. The Electronic Systems Unit stated that it is not possible to implement the system because HGS transmitters are very powerful. But we started some example applications at some non-intense points, Ama he said.
Two systems can be used at the same time at the tolls entering the city in Istanbul, but the exit is not possible, the official said,, A different system is applied in order to measure the money taken at the toll booths. The tolls in the bridges serve as toll booths. With the technology currently in use, I can say that two systems cannot be used together in bridges Şu. In order to use the two systems together, the number of the box office should be less than the authorized record, where the number of box office is very difficult to practice, he said.
How to attach a label
The biggest problem in HGS is that the location of the label differs from vehicle to vehicle. Here's what to do:
* The part to be affixed to the windshield on the windshield is deleted from the inside first. Note that there is no dust or oil layer on the surface.
* After cleaning the surface, remove the label from the non-sticking back surface. Do not touch the sticky part and stick at one time.
* Do not remove the sticker to change place after pasting. In this case, the anti-theft security mechanism will enter.
* Paste the logo part of the HGS label into the vehicle.
* Never fold the label.
* Because HGS tags are sensitive, their usage can change in every brand in every vehicle. Those who want to use HGS should act according to the characteristics of the vehicle they use.
No demand for tolls to be lifted
* General Directorate of Highways, providing information on the removal of tolls in the bridges in the period, "As of today, the lifting of the box office is not on our agenda. Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım announced this. However, there is no demand from the ministry. It is not possible for us to do such work without demand, Talep he said.
HGS'de reading rate has not even reached 70
* After the removal of the CARTLI Transition System (KGS), OGS'ler also be removed from the agenda when the General Directorate of Highways official clarified the subject. Authorities cannot be removed for the time being, ağ HGS is not the only system. We couldn't even reach 70 in HGS read rates. Citizens are constantly complaining. OGS has a 99.9 reading success. With such a success, it would not be wise to remove the OGS. Böyle
Working on a new software
* HGS is being used to speed up the flow of traffic on highways and bridges. The officials of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications emphasized that both the OGS and HGS are in total at the 11 box office in Izmir and said, X There are two systems in common '. Söyl If the vehicle has any system, the appliance reads it automatically, a he said.
Tik We've found that the crossings are small at the toll booths. For this reason, since there was not a lot of density, it was decided to continue the OGS in order not to have any problems. We are working on a new software production. Trials are currently underway, but have not yet been completed. Then transitions will fall from the common card. When the software is finished, there will be such a transition. A solution has been found in İzmir for the time being. İzmir
PTT General Manager Osman Tural said that the two systems were used together at some toll booths. Stating that this road was used on several highways other than İzmir, Tural said, kullanıl If they are integrated, they can be used together. There are places with both HGS and OGS readers. If the two systems are integrated on one of the highways, they are not counted as leaks. A new system can be created without entering the toll booths G.


Source: Hürriyet

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