People from Ankara Metro

People from Ankara Metro
Full 25 minutes with the subway from Kızılay-Batıkent yıldır I'm using this subway every day for a year Bat I spend 25 minutes in the morning and evening. While waiting for the subway he is afraid to fall on the rails insan The edge is normally going up and down the platform, getting on the middle platform. In this way, the descending and avoiding the disturbing of each other is prevented in the Red Crescent. Unfortunately I often see that we are an egoist community of people. Nobody thinks of anyone but unfortunately… I want to list the pros of Metron. He can leave without traffic, and you know exactly how many minutes to go. Even though it is bright in the evening, you can easily read books. You can make a comfortable trip because it is well ventilated and warmed up.


Velev, you met a very crowded hour, and you had to travel standing up, standing up, keeping the residents under surveillance, and making assumptions about which stop to land. I wish that if there was a lighted board behind them, I could have developed ideas so that the seats could be written in a place where they would land where they would land. Taaa We will not stand the hope that they will stand up in front of those who continue their journey until Batıkent, but is it?
And don't ask the sleepers. Sometimes I can't stop my eyes from closing. Watching people sleeping is a different experience. Those who have fallen on the shoulders of his head, who jump and stare at every stop, like me, those who think, "If I say a little, I should not disturb anyone should stand firm."


I observe a wide variety of colorful passenger profiles. Fun students, young people; their voices and laughter and the critical gaze of people, even though they love their joy. I'm going to my youth, college years. We used to laugh at everything, it didn't have to be very funny. As people grow older, they laugh a little and laugh at them. Have you noticed? Metro, usually goes underground in Ankara, but also goes on the ground. Dark glass is a mirror. You're watching your reflection while standing. Sometimes I think of American movies. Action movies on the subway. At the subway station, 3 indicating the entry doors to the wagons was drawn with an arrow sign. I don't know how the machinist does, but there are doors opening right in front of those arrows. Especially in the evening hours, the platform is not clear what the metron. You should follow the number of minutes after the illuminated panels, which platform you will enter.


Would you be interested in reading what book you or the other person read?
I am very curious. When I learned what will happen var There is a lot of reading on the subway, which is pleasing. I see even those who are reading. And of course, there are those who play games with a mobile phone. It doesn't matter in the morning or the evening when I open the metro or open my book or newspaper, I'm going to stop until I read my head very hard. But this morning when I was buried in my paper with my head like this, standing in front of the patient and old white armchairs standing in the mouth of the mask, a heavy suitcase with a woman who came to eye eyes. On the white sofa, a young girl was sitting and reading. I told him to get up and sit down. Thankfully, the old woman just sat down. At that moment I was angry with myself, y I shouldn't be buried, so I should look again at my book and the surroundings O. We have a culture of place for those who need it. It's a lot of the past, unfortunately. Young people don't care about what they need. The women sitting next to their child are very normal. I don't think I can hold him in my lap or stand still.


Especially when I see families who can't spend their children talking about it, I get angry and pissed off. Recently, a child, despite having a parent, takes the gum out of his mouth.
This hand was attached to the metal poles were filled with gum and parents "do not do" did not say. I tried to look at the other side. If I did, they were the kind to fight. Now that I've learned from a newspaper report today; The number of passengers carried by Ankara Metro and Ankaray in one year is 100 million.

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