How and how to benefit trains from Kocaeli

How and how to benefit trains from Kocaeli
The most important thing for us is the railway transportation. In the summer, we will drown in dust. In many parts of our city, due to this ongoing railway construction, even the transition to the coastal part of the summer car will be a problem.

Last week I tried to express my very serious and important concerns in my article. According to the information and allegations, the suburban trains between Istanbul and Adapazari, which were lifted along with the construction of the railway, were on their way. It was suggested that two lines, which are still under construction, will be allocated to high-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara, and one line to freight trains for ports and logistics centers.

On Monday, we drew the headline of the paper on the articles on this issue, which was made by Governor Ercan Topaca. Governor Topaca confirmed that there is no special line for the suburban train in the railways, “But there are two lines for the high speed train. One of these lines will be used for Istanbul-Adapazari suburban trains. 29 commencement of commuter trains in Istanbul-Adapazari line with high speed train from October. ”

Of course, the governor's comments need to rely on and believe in. But I still have doubts. Kocaeli MPs or Metropolitan President said, b Yes, the 29 will run a suburban train from October onwards. Kocaeli On the contrary, for example, Fikri Işık said, Işık A meeting will be held in May. The commencement of commuter trains will be decided at that meeting. B

The fact that a separate line for suburban trains is not done is a very serious situation. In the first words given to this city, yap There will be a separate road for the suburban train with high speed train ayrı. Now, yok There is no commuter railroad. The commuter train will also work on the high-speed train. B

TCDD has an 15 goal in Istanbul-Ankara route. If 15 moves a reciprocating Speed ​​Train in minutes, you cannot run the commuter train in either of these two ways. Or, if you try to run, the suburban train everywhere has to wait for the High Speed ​​Train. By train from Izmit to Istanbul, the 2 time passes, and this train is useless.

This issue should be followed by the local press in this city. 29 In October, we need a suburban train before Speed ​​Train. There are political sayings on this issue. We have to keep track of his eclipse.

Personally, I am also a close follower of the construction of very important bridge interchanges for this city traffic, which starts at the starting or tender stage. I am a follower of the public transportation system, which has become a huge problem and distress for the people of this city.

I want other local newspapers and journalist friends to follow the news of the people of the city rather than the news about the news of the city.

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