Hopaport's General Manager Meriç Burçin Özer: Hopaport Railway Connection Must Be Provided

📩 27/11/2018 15:44

Hopaport's General Manager Meriç Bur Çin Özer: Hopaport Railway Connection Must Be Ensured: Meric Bur Çin Özer, General Manager of Hopaport located in Hopa district of Artvin, is a modern company with the most comprehensive and fastest service open and closed storage facilities in the region. He said it was a port.

The mobility, which started in 2012 at the Hopa Port on the north end of the Eastern Black Sea, continues in the first months of 2013 as well. 10 thousand tons of granaries in Hopa Port, each with a capacity of one thousand tons, became the storage center of wheat imported from Russia. While 3 thousand tons of wheat, the first of which was sent last month, was transferred to silos, finally 3 thousand tons of wheat from Russia was stored in silos. It was learned that the wheat will move to Nakhchivan shortly.

Hopaport General Manager Meriç Bur Çin Özer stated that Hopa Port is the most comprehensive and the most modern service of the region with open and closed storage facilities.

Stating that the port has taken its place among the important ports of the region in line with the renewal policies carried out continuously after transferring to the Ciner Group, Özer said, “In 2012, we took our place among the rare ports of our country, which reached a capacity with a 50 percent increase in the previous year. Our Hopaport importers and exporters always provide the fastest loading and unloading service with a modern vehicle park and offer storage facilities. As Hopaport, we offered our grain storage warehouses equipped with the latest modern system to our importers. We are serving our importers with a total of 10 silos, each with a capacity of one thousand tons. In addition to the 3 thousand tons of wheat that was recently arrived and kept in our silos, this time, we also took an additional 3 thousand tons of wheat to be transported to Nakhchivan to our silos and they will be transferred in a short time. ” said.


Stating that Hopaport has implemented its short, medium and long-term projects step by step, Özer said, “Our country's commercial potential is increasing day by day with the Caucasus geography. However, Hopa Port needs to be supported by the railway project in order to increase this increase to higher levels. With the integration of the Caucasus Railway system into the Port of Hopa, our country's import and export potential will increase by multiplying the numbers in the geography extending to the near and distant Caucasian countries and even China. We demand that the Chinese Hopa-Batumi Railway project be first downloaded from the shelves and included in the investment program in the coming years after the necessary works are done. ” said.

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