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High Speed ​​Train Line
Türkoğlu Mayor Mustafa Tashan, Adana-Nurdagi-Gaziantep High Speed ​​Line said that the pass through Turkoglu.

Tashan said in a statement about the issue, with the Logistics Center to be established in Turkoglu High Speed ​​Train Line will gain more importance, he said. Tashan, MPs, politicians and bureaucracy, together with the necessary initiatives on the voicing of Taşhan, said:

“We should not miss the fast train. We missed this on the highway, we lost, we should not lose on the high-speed train. The current Adana-Nurdağı-Gaziantep high-speed train in the form of Nurdağı Turkoglu-Gaziantep means that there is a high-speed train to Kahramanmaras. Kahramanmaraş means Türkoğlu. Logistic Center for Turkoglu is not Turkoglu, but Kahramanmaras. The fastest train to Türkoğlu is not Kahramanmaraş. Therefore, with our proxies, politicians and bureaucracy, we are taking the necessary steps. The fast train that will surely go to Gaziantep should come to Türkoğlu if it is useful. The State Railways and the Ministry of Transport is to make its assessment. We demand it.

Source : I yurthaber.mynet.co

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