Speed ​​Limit Is Increasing

The General Directorate of Security made arrangements to increase the speed limit within the city
Highways Traffic Law, motor vehicles according to the genus and intended to use the maximum speed limit, inter-city two-way highways, 90 kilometers, divided roads 110 kilometers, the motorways in the regulation not to exceed the 120 kilometers to be determined in the regulation.
The speed limits in the settlements were determined as 50 kilometers with the Highways Traffic Regulation and the Transportation Coordination Centers (UKOME) and provincial traffic commissions were authorized to increase the speed limits within the settlements up to 20 kilometers. UKOME and city traffic commissions have increased the 20 mileage on many city roads to 70 kilometers.
General Directorate of Security Traffic Department, in order to reduce traffic congestion within settlements and to ensure fluency, as in other countries in the city and inter-city roads, which have the standards of the limits of the road has been prepared to increase the speed limit. If the decision is taken by UKOME or provincial traffic commissions after the entry into force of the regulation, the speed limit on the divided roads within the settlement can be increased from 70 to 80 kilometers.

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