Gürsu Municipality will install Dışkayaya cable car line

Gürsu Municipality will install Dışkayaya cable car line
Gürsu Municipality's Orhan Özcü has many different dreams with the region. AK Party Bursa deputy Ismet Su, District President Cuneyt Yildiz, City Council and the board of directors with the head of the Exterminator who went to Dışkaya'dan examinations, said the region aims to establish a cable car line. When the settlement starts in Dışkaya, Özcü said that minibuses were ready to be solved and the real dream was to reach Dışkaya from Karahıdır village with the 1.5 km cable car.


Özcü emphasized that they made the necessary feasibility and infrastructure preparations for the cable car line. I We met with Stadler company of Switzerland and international consultancy firm Poyr. They prepare for any kind of planning, they are waiting for an answer from us. As the transportation is legally a matter of the Metropolitan Municipality, it will be healthier if we evaluate this issue with President Recep Altepe. Altepe says 'can' but we need to do technical work. In fact, we did the technical work of this project, but there are priorities in the city center so we are waiting a little. In addition to the ongoing New Ropeway project, we have forwarded our offer with the increase of 20. Without the description of the metropolitan we can not say anything clear. The ropeway significantly increases the value of the region T.

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