Railway Policeman Statement From Gümüşhane Governor Mayda

Railway Policeman Statement From Gümüşhane Governor Mayda
Governor of Gümüşhane Yusuf Mayda, the polemic about the railway, the important thing is to pass through the railway in Gumushane said.

Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Head of Transportation Department Dr. Fazil Celik, the 3 route of the railway will go through the Gumushane statement after answering questions from journalists in this direction Mayor, said they care about the railway will pass through Gumushane.

Expressing that the railway will pass through Gumushane, and there is no hesitation and concern in that direction, Governor Mayda said, ve Hopefully, the route will pass through Gümüşhane from Erzincan as a route. The next direction from Gümüşhane may be Giresun, Trabzon. We don't get polemic about that. The important thing is that the railroad passes through our city. We already think that this is the right of Gumushane on the Silk Road route. In the 6 one of the gold produced in Turkey are our cities. One of the treasures in 6 was printed in Gümüşhane during the Ottoman period. We think that the railway has a natural right to Gümüşhane. We would like to thank our government, our Prime Minister, the Minister of Transport. Hopefully a long time goes by. We, in our country, benefit from this. Biz

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