High Speed ​​Train Project Work Was Done at Gümüşhane University

High Speed ​​Train Project Work Was Done at Gümüşhane University
Gümüşhane University Vocational School Computer Department Lecturer Özcan Otkun, Karadeniz Technical University Electrical and Electronics Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. He completed his doctorate study on "Linear Motion Motor-High Speed ​​Train", which lasted about 4 years together with infrastructure studies, under the consultancy of Adem Sefa Akpınar.

Otkun, AA correspondent, said in a statement today, the importance of high-speed train projects is increasing, stating that therefore realized that the doctoral study in this field.

Stating that high-speed trains are managed with 4-5 types of control systems in the world, Otkun said, “Among these, there are various systems such as fuzzy logic system and general algorithm. In my study, I used the method of control with artificial neural network. Artificial neural network control is used in many areas around the world, but it has not been used in high-speed train systems. Thanks to this work, we used it in high speed trains ”.

Otkun, 15 thousand pounds to perform the work by using the laboratory, 4-meter high-speed train prototype was prepared, he said:

“Thanks to the program we have prepared, we ensure that the high-speed train travels at the speed and time we want. Thus, we have installed the smart system on the high speed train. This system was used to adjust the speed of the rotating motor, but it was not used that makes linear motion. With this work, it was also used in linear motion.

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